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By: LaShawn Encarnacion (aka The Dark Knight of Sports)

This coming Sunday night is the hottest even of the summer in sports entertainment. SO hot that for the first time in WWE history, it goes to four-hours. The WWE summer spectacular known as Summerslam.

Summerslam is one of the four major pay-per-view events, kinda like the sport of golf and its four major events. To understand the importance of Summerslam, picture golfers playing in one of those major championships and you get the importance of the story-telling and event that is Summerslam. Title’s changing hands like in the first Summerslam in 1988 as the late Ultimate Warrior defeated then Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man. Where the wedding of all wedding’s took place as the late Randy “Macho Man” Savage finally got his girl Miss Elizabeth in 1991. Long standing rivalries settled, whether between superstar or families, Summerslam has always been one of those historic pay-per-views that story-wise just cannot be missed.

This year’s Summerslam is no different as it emanates from NYC and the Barcley Center in Brooklyn. The four-hour spectacular promises pretty much similar results as to the past Summerslams’ that have come before. So lets dive into the 2015 Summerslam card preview, shall we?

In the Summerslam preview show, the WWE Tag-Team Championship will be decided.

Prime-time Players (Champions) vs Los Matadores vs Lucha Dragons vs The New Day in a Fatal-Four-Way match:

With the tag-team division so closely jumbled together in terms of competition level, there was no clear cut number one contender. So WWE decided to make it a fatal-four-way match. What that means is simple, that the first team who gets the pin-fall over any one of their opponents, WINS the championships … and YES the champions do NOT have to be pinned to lose the titles. Gives a sense of urgency to the Prime-time Players who have a 25-percent chance of retaining their championship. But with fatal-four-ways always comes fast paced action, so should be interesting to watch and get that whistle wet for the main even matches.

Intercontinental Title Champion Ryback defends in Triple Threat match against The Big Show and The Miz:

This match which originally was to be Ryback vs The Big Show was scheduled to happen back at the WWE’s last pay-per-vew Battleground. But a staph infection in the knee of the champion Ryback put that on hold for several weeks. Meanwhile The Miz and The Big Show continued the story-line to keep the match fresh by calling for the stripping of the champion Ryback, while developing The Miz being more involved to set up this triple-threat match for the title. Triple-Threat match is the same as a Fatal-Four-Way just with three contenders instead of four. Can the champion Ryback retain or will there be a new Intercontinental Champion crowned?

Family vs Family as the team of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns (The SHIELD brothers) take on the Wyatt Family made up of Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper:

This rivalry has been on-going since Bray interferred in Reigns chance to win the coveted “Money in the Bank briefcase” which guarantees you a World Heavyweight Championship match whenever the competitor so chooses. At first it was just Wyatt and Reigns but then Wyatt decided to make it a family affair by rejoining with his lost lamb Luke Harper. Reigns seeing that he needed help went to his family in the form of the “Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose and a series of matches with some personal promos attached have led to one very intense rivalry which will culminate at Summerslam.

*RUMOR ALERT* There are some rumors going around that there is to be a HEEL turn here and it is to be Roman Reigns that is to turn on Dean Ambrose. AGAIN, just a rumor but one to be kept in mind.

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro:

This match could be considered a grudge match by how the story-line continues to play out. Owens who has been portrayed as a cocky, arrogant but filled with so much talent individual, is now coming to be jealous of Cesaro who has been on a roll in winning some big matches against major competition. Owens claims that Cesaro is getting HIS opportunities and getting more attention that is not deserved. That HE and NOT Cesaro should be the main event man. Owens not even a year on the main roster makes the claim and Cesaro simply continues to fight off the young buck defending his spot. If there is ONE match that could steal the show, THIS could very well be it as BOTH these individuals are extremely gifted and athletic.

#DivasRevolution match as its Team Bella vs Team B.A.D. vs Team P.C.B. (Elimination match):

It is no secret that there is a women’s movement in the world of sports. In tennis its Serena Williams, in UFC its Ronda Rousey and this is the WWE’s answer to that big revolution. When Stephanie McMahon (Principal Owner) of the WWE decided to match the change, she went into the talented pool of the developmental league that is NxT and called up Becky Lynch (daughter of former WWE superstar Adam Bomb) and Charlotte (daughter of WWE hall of famer Ric Flair) who joined Paige who is already on the main roster. As for Team B.A.D. that was compromised with Naomi and Tamina, they needed a third so in comes “The Boss” Sasha Banks to even the odds as Team Bella already had their three woman team. While a good idea, the real revolution begins when one of these new threats goes after the Divas Title held by Team Bella captain Nikki Bella, who is looking to set the all-time mark for holding onto the gold in one reign.

Rusev (with Summer Rae) vs Dolph Ziggler (with Lana):

This match is one right out of those daytime soap opera’s like Young and the Restless or Bold and the Beautiful. Rusev treated his now former girlfriend Lana with such distain and disrespect that she got tired and left him for another man, that man being Dolph Ziggler. Lana loves and embraces her freedom and Rusev cannot get over the loss so he makes a new version of Lana in Summer Rae (talk about drama?)

Randy Orton vs Shaemus:

This is one of those rivalries that is good but just can never seem to end. Shaemus costs Randy Orton his chance to be champion. Orton costs Shaemus his chance to be champion. All started with Shaemus taking out Orton for several months and Orton coming back wanting revenge. Will the rivalry between these two end or will it continue?

Stardust and King Barrett vs Neville and “The Green Arrow” Stephen Amell:

YES Arrow fans you read it right. Amell is getting into a WWE ring to finally go face-to-face with his Twitter nemesis Stardust. How did this become a tag-match with the addition of Neville and King Barrett? Just ask Stardust who included Neville in the main story-lines live and on TV while mocking the Emerald Archer every chance he could. Meanwhile Neville continued to pick up victories, including a couple shockers against King Barrett. Hence why the tag match. IF used correctly, this could be a very entertaining match, one that could make history for a celebrity being involved. Stephen Amell is no joke as an athlete. He can hang with these performers, bank on that.


U.S. Champion John Cena vs WWE Champion Seth Rollins (Title for Title):

Normally this match would be the main event match of the night. When the scope of the entire WWE can change with one win for either Cena or Rollins, this would be the match of matches. YES this is the first time the U.S. title was up for grabs at the same time as the WWE title. But in actual title for title matches, it has always been the lower title that has come to win the big title. Does Wrestlemania VI come to mind? Toronto Skydome? Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan in a title for title match? In the end, this could end with one person walking away with BOTH titles OR (*RUMOR ALERT) there could be someone, a “Big Red Monster” interfering and both titles stay with their respective champions.

Brock Lesner vs The Undertaker:

Paul Heyman has deemed this match “The match TOO BIG for Wrestlemania.” Well it can be agreed that this match was 16-months in the making. This rematch is one that will be for the ages and there is a lot of bad person blood between the Undertaker and Brock Lesner. This all started at Wrestlemania XXX when Lesner defeated the Undertaker, breaking his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. But it did not stop there, the constant months after of Paul Heyman bragging and Brock Lesner’s arrogance about all led up to Battleground and the resurrection of the vengeful and angry Undertaker who cost Lesner the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Can Lesner get the upper hand and defeat the dead man or will the Undertaker finally get the revenge he has been waiting 16-long-months to get.

This pay-per-view is filled with lots of action but don’t expect the fun just there.

*RUMOR ALERT: Ric Flair is said to be in the area and at Summerslam this Sunday.

*RUMOR ALERT: Another former champion is set to make a surprise appearance at The Barcley Center and this one is said to be “ELECTRIFYING.”

Long-shot *RUMOR ALERT: Could there be more than ONE vigilante at Summerslam this year?


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