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By: LaShawn Encarnacion (aka The Dark Knight of Sports)

It is not often that the developmental league of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) gets a chance to tour into a huge pay-per-view week with the main roster. But that is where NxT is for their huge event to display the up and coming talents looking to make a serious impact to the wrestling world at the Barcley Center in Brooklyn, NY. This Saturday night, the match-ups are hot and the actions will be fast-paced and loaded.

After selling out for WWE NxT Takeover, the set up for this event broadcast live only on the WWE Network for $9.99, the just over 13, 000 fans will get to see both the WWE NxT Championship and the Womens Championship decided. Along with the tag-team championship and several under-card matches to wet your whistle.

As stated before, the Nxt side of WWE is their developmental league, a chance for new talent to debut and this night a relative new and physically gifted athlete is set to make his debut with the WWE at NxT Takeover. His name is Apollo Crews. Here is the promo video (courtesy of WWE.com) with Crews training to prepare for Nxt Takeover debut.

Apollo Crews Promo

Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe:

When Corbin came into the WWE and the NxT roster, he started to make a name for himself by defeating his opponents quickly and without mercy. Most of his opponents were done in less than two-minutes, sometimes less than one-minute. Corbin displays himself as unbeatable and no one can match up with his strength, his brutality or greatness in the ring.

In comes for World Champion Samoa Joe, who is tired of Corbin’s cockyness, arrogance and looking to take Corbin to limits that no NxT superstar has pushed him to yet. Can Corbin continue his dominance or will “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe humble the young Mr. Corbin.

Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs Tyler Breeze:

The Tyler Breeze angle is that no one can look good in the ring like Tyler Breeze, that Breeze can dominate anyone and look beyond pretty doing so, that he is on the highest of pedestals and everyone is beneath him as a performer and as a person.

So hailing from the land of the rising sun, Japan, is the legendary high-flyer who is also making his WWE debut with NxT at Takeover, Jushin ‘Thunder” Liger. Liger is well known in the wrestling world and has had years of competition in the American wrestling companies as well, with the old brand that was World Championship Wrestling (W.C.W.). Liger is a legend in the IWGP league wrestling in Japan and looks to remind Breeze that he has a long way to go before getting to that level of greatness.

NxT Tag-Team Championship: Blake & Murphy (with Alexa Bliss) vs The Vaudevillians:

This match up is a rematch between these two teams from a NxT show event back on July 29th. The Vaudevillians were on the cusp on winning the championship but then there was complete disarray which allowed Blake& Murphy’s valet Alexa Bliss to get involved physically into the match and help her team steal the win. Since then there has been some in depth promos and interviews that have made this rivalry become very personal, latest being on the last edition of NxT this past Wednesday. After Blake & Murphy won their match, The Vaudevillians came out and were going to cut a promo but as they were trying to speak, Alexa Bliss smacked them … TWICE interrupting their speech.

NxT Women’s Championship: “The Boss” Sasha Banks vs Bayley:

The young upstart Bayley has made a name for herself since returning from her hand injury that happened several months ago. That hand injury which cost her a chance for the Women’s championship back then. Well after defeating all contenders for the Women’s title, wins over Emma, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, Bayley has earned her shot to go against the current Women’s Champion, that is Sasha Banks.

Banks has been dominant and not afraid to tell you about it. “If you talk the talk, then walk the walk” and Banks can surely do BOTH. As part of the main roster #DivasRevolution Sasha Banks continues her dominance in the NxT as champion. Banks believes that Bayley is not even close to her level, calling Bayley a loser and insulting Bayley’s fans on a person level. That pushed Bayley into a rage on the last episode of NxT as Bayley unleashed her darker much angier side, something that most don’t usually see from the normally “Happy go Bayley.”

WWE NxT Championship (Ladder Match): Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens:

Kevin Owens, the former champion who lost to Balor at the last NxT takeover event in Japan, clearly believes that it was a fluke victory and that Balor is in no way on the same playing field in terms of competition nor as a championship as he is. Kevin Owens hungers for his NxT championship back and wants it so bad, he is willing to have a “Ladder Match” to do so. With the title being hung well over 15 feet above the ring, Owens has to be the first to get the ladder, climb up and retrieve the title to win.

Defending champion Finn Balor is tired of Owens trying to cripple his competition. Owens took out Sami Zayn who still has not seen active competition since his last battle with Owens. Balor looks to humble Owens and remind Owens that the road to the NxT championship goes through “The Demon” Finn Balor.


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