By: Rob Botts

Russell Westbrook is going to be this season’s MVP. Its’s done. WestBOOK IT…Sorry James Harden. Sorry King James or anybody else who is vying for everybody’s favorite regular season award. Mr. Westbrook just had his 5th triple double in his past 6 games. He had 30 points, 17 assists and 11 rebounds against the Eastern Conference title threatening Toronto Raptors today. I bet Kyle Lowry had wished he had waited one game to make his return to league play from a number of different injuries. Poor Lowry had to get his court legs back against one of the quickest, most violent set of wheels on the planet when handling a basketball. The one Raptor who has been their MVP this season, had not a chance. If he actually was a dinosaur with actual teeth and actual claws I would haven given him an actual 50/50 chance at least….

The guy is developing right in front of our eyes at a metabolic rate. He feels wiser beyond his years now and he is Benjamin Buttoning in terms of basketball speed and athletic ability…He is getting younger and faster every time we see him. What do we want from an MVP? We want them to dominate the competition and make our team the best it can possibly be. Westbrook has done that in so many different basketball ways this season and especially lately. He is turning intro a triple double machine. Well, a little short term machine…The real “T-1000”(Terminator 2 reference played by Jason Patrick) was Oscar “Big O” Robertson. The guy AVERAGED a triple double for an entire NBA campaign..TWICE!! Russell can do everything really well. He rebounds like a fiend at the guard position. He is Charles Barkley on the initial board…then Magic Johnson as he begin to dribble out of the pack at an alarming pace..then becomes Michael Jordan as he swoops in from the hewing on the brake to thunderously finished his own brake with  a super, high flying violent, rim rocking slam! He then becomes Dennis Rodman as he celebrates a bad play he begins to head back down the floor with emotions oozing form a emotional volcano….

Speaking of emotion…We just tapped into his biggest advantage over everybody else. The dude is angry. He is sooooo angry. He’s mad at you ..He’s made at me..He’s mad at the hot dog guy in the stands..He’s mad at the PA announcer..He’s mad at the editing guy who cut together his pre-game highlight reel that plays on the big screen during line-up introductions….He’s mad at the writers..the reports..Hell, he’s even mad at puppies and butterflies…Ok, he’s not mad at puppies and butterflies because how the hell could you be and still be a human being…Ballers normally play  with a chip or two in their shoulders during their careers. Westbrook has stacks and stacks of “Whale” chips from the high rollers table at the Belagio in Vegas on both of his shoulders! His anger is what thrusts him past defenders at an alarming rate. It is what takes his pull up jumper high above out stretched hands looking to swat it down. It takes him to the rim with a ferocity only equaled by a Great White shark from South Africa surging towards the ocean surface to snap it’s jaws around a clueless 500lb fury seal. His anger allows him to step up to every challenge put in front of him and push it out of the way with ease.

Westbrook also posses one of the most important attributes an athlete can have in any sport. Absolute immediate memory loss for any negative events that they might have had an immediate hand in…Russell could miss 10 straight shots, turn the ball over whenever he isn’t missing said shots and call the wrong half court sets for his teammates on almost every possession….BUT, ask him what bad things has just happened and he couldn’t tell you without the help of a replay close at hand. Westbrook is then ready to make the next 10 shots..never turn the ball over and put his teammates in winning situations that will bring his team just that much closer to glory on any given NBA evening.

Mr. Westbrook has been the most valuable player in the NBA this season to this point. He takes big shots. He makes them more times than he misses. He snags important rebounds against some of the league’s biggest BIGS. He dishes the ball to player after player allowing OKC’s offense to really score points. His undeniable athletic ability allows him to suffocate perimeter players. He has been so dominant and convincing that the award has changed from MVP to WVP..True story. Or, it will be soon. You can ask Russell but he might not remember….

Rob Botts
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