World Cup Quarterfinals…The Last Eight!

This why we watch!!!

FiFA Quarterfinals
FiFA Quarterfinals ~ Photo via @BleacherReport

And then there were eight. We’ve reached the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup. One of these eight teams are going to take home the most prestigious title in Futbol.

After the group stages and the knockout round of 16 teams, it appears almost certain that at least one European team is going to make to the final game in Moscow.

Russia is still standing. Sure, being the host country helps, but it’s surprising. If they make it to another round, it will be a stunner.

Belgium was close to disaster, but pulled off a miracle comeback win and beat Japan 3-2.

Sweden is a hard team to get a read on. Their talent does not impress and they do not have a superstar, Yet!…They just continue to advance!

France is a talented team and Kylian Mbappé seems primed to take the title of the world’s best player.

England carries lots of baggage with them and if it wasn’t for that a lot more people would be talking about them as a favorite to win The World Cup.

Uruguay defense is staunch. They’ve allowed only one goal in entire tournament, overlook them if you want, but you can’t lose if the ball doesn’t go in your net.

Croatia barely eked out a win via penalty kicks over Denmark, it sure seems that Lady Luck has smiled on them.

Brazil has won five World Cups. They are the greatest Futbol nation in the world, therefore they’re not only best team of the past, but also the best team of the present.

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