WNBA Return: 3 Facts For Basketball Resumption

Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart lead a Seattle team determined to conquer its 11 foes. Credit: Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times

The WNBA shot clock is 24 seconds, which may not seem long. In my mind, though, 24 seconds is an eternal period without basketball. How in the world, then, did we survive four months without it? Thankfully, as of Saturday, the wait is over! The WNBA returns with all 12 teams in a Bradenton, Florida bubble. There will be a 22-game regular season before the top eight teams, regardless of conference, battle in the playoffs. Knowing three crucial facts to watch for will enhance your viewing experience in an essential complement to the NBA playoffs (which will also be very fun).

1. Who’s Competing

Too much talk involves which athletes won’t play in 2020. However, instead of complaining about who we won’t see, why not celebrate who we will? Diana Taurasi, 38 years young, recovers from a lost 2019 to play for her record-tying fourth championship. Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart, unable to play last season, lead a Seattle team with the world’s most talent. And Courtney Vandersloot dishes dimes for a Sky team that has overcome playoff nightmares. Remember, at most 144 women can play in the W. You’ll be watching the best of the best, even without several top names.

2. Sprint To The Finals

With no Olympics and only 22 games (originally the W scheduled 34), the road to the Finals is more somber. Be sure, however, that the league’s fierce competitors, while respecting opponents, all have championship visions dancing in their thoughts and dreams. Although Vegas Pegs the Aces, with the incredibly determined A’ja Wilson, and the Storm as the favorites, there’s much uncertainty. Perhaps Chicago, with the team core intact, moves in a new era of Windy City women’s basketball. Or maybe Candace Parker and LA reach a better coaching understanding and regain fleeing dignity. Some teams are better than others, but remember, millions of American women and girls play basketball. That figure means the 12 WNBA teams will be pretty darn talented.

3. Make Way

Sociologists and philosophers argue over if “society” is real, or just a false imagining. However, it’s sure that strong teams and sports associations are a bit more. Each WNBA team is more than ten to twelve players and a coach. It’s a familial unit determined to fight for character development and self-worth. Similarly, the W is more than only 12 teams and a smart commissioner. More than a sports league, it’s a movement. A strong force for equality and a voice for a sports gender that has never earned the same respect. Saturday, the league tips off again, furthering the fight for the less powerful. Their hoopers are ready. Are you?

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