Wizards DG: Crunch Time Now or Never

By: Jordan Cardoso

The guys are on a mission right now to turn this season around coming off 2 big wins against Raptors Uprising and Knicks Gaming. Writer and reporter Josiah Cohen for DIMER the news outlet for 2kLeague says the team is HOT right now and if they can remain consistent can really be a problem. Their next matchup will be against a 7-5 Cavs Legion team sitting at 7th in the standings. Tip-off for that game is Thursday at 9! Reesedagod has been shooting lights out the last couple of games he will look to keep that going moving ahead. DemonJT has found his stride as of late after admitting he hasnʼt been at his best since the season started. But he expressed how much he believes in this team and how they can turn the rest of this season around.

JT posted a double double against Knicks gaming with 13 points and 12 assist and dropped 17 on Raptors Uprising last week. The Rookie USERPICK came up big time against Knicks gaming with a career high 25 points and 5 steals! Couldnʼt have asked for a better performance from him heʼs really been setting the tone for the team on defense this season.

Dayfri and Gilly have been killing it as well at the PF and C position. Gilly is pretty much averaging a double double a game along with Dayfri making the switch to a Slashing Strech four heʼs been lighting teams up from the 3 and been killing all across the boards steals,blocks you name it canʼt forget the trash talk either. Donʼt forget to tune in Thursday at 9 to see them take on the 7th seed Cavs Legion. Be sure to give the team @wizardsdg and myself a follow @Jordan__2k until next time! #RunTheDistrict




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