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The two greatest words in all of sports are… Game 7. The Cleveland Cavaliers, after being down 3-1, will visit Oracle Arena, to face the Golden State Warriors… In a winner take all scenario.  This series has really been a tale of two teams. Three at out of the first four games were dominated by GS. The last two, Cleveland has looked like the better team. After losing Game 6, to a man, everyone in the Warriors locker room said, “If you told us at the start of the season, we would have one final game, at home, to play for the championship… we would be happy.” Well, my advice to GS, be careful what you wish for.
When Evander Holyfield had his first fight with Mike Tyson, he got hit with a thunderous left hook, that punch would have knocked out 99% of any fighter in the world. Holyfield took it the punch, continued and went on to win the fight. By taking that punch and not being knocked down, Holyfield gained confidence and by the same token, Tyson who was a bully, lost confidence. This is what has happened in the series. After the Game 4 altercation with LeBron James and Draymond Green, The Cavs have gotten their confidence and the Warriors have lost theirs. In Game 6, every time the Warriors hit the Cavs with a knockout blow (a long three point shot) The Cavs answered.  LeBron and company are doing what I expected them to do, outscore the Warriors and be more efficient on offense.

The Cavs Are Who We Thought They Where By: Danny Cunningham
The Cavs Are Who We Thought They Where By: Danny Cunningham

The Cavs:
In the Movie The Matrix Revolutions, Morpheus says, “because some things change” and Nirobi responds by saying, “And some things don’t” That same phrase can be used about LeBron James. No matter what team he is on, no matter who he plays in the finals, James is always the best player on the court. In this series, he is leading BOTH teams in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals. Win or lose, we are watching the greatest NBA Finals performance in the history of the sport. LeBron became one of only two players to score 40 points and have 10 assists in an NBA Finals (Jerry West was the other player to accomplish this feat). Kyrie Irving continues to be “Robin” to LeBron’s “Batman”. In Game 6, the man they call “Uncle Drew”, scored 23 points, had 4 assists and 3 rebounds. Almost every time they need a big shot, Irving comes through. Cleveland got great production from their two other starter as well. JR Smith and Tristian Thompson combined for 29 points, 20 rebounds and 6 assists. When the Cavs push the ball and create ball movement the Warriors look like a very mediocre team. Tyronn Lue has done a masterful job of making Curry defend the pick and roll. It is not a coincidence why Curry continues to be in foul trouble. The Cavs are attacking him at every opportunity.

The Warriors:
Klay Thompson continues to be the most consistent player throughout the playoffs for GS. In his last two games he has scored 37 and 25 points. Stephen Curry, despite being in foul trouble, led the team with 30 points. I didn’t like what I saw at the end of Game 6. Curry got thrown out of the Game and Thompson walked to the locker room before the final horn sounded. Steve Kerr, as expected, complained to the media about the officials. They say when adversity hits, that shows your true character, could this be happening to the Warriors? Are they self destructing?  Green got suspended, Andrew Bogut is out for the series, Andre Iguodala is about 70% healthy with back problems. This team is a wounded animal and LeBron has been like a lion stalking its prey. Look for Steve Kerr to double Irving and James. I can’t imagine him not changing his approach. He can’t the Cavs dynamic duo continue to put up over 70 points combined.

Curry’s wife tweeted after Game 6 that the NBA is rigged. I laughed when I saw this. Funny how she didn’t think it was fixed when the Warriors came back and forced a Game 7 after being down in a similar situation to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Cavs are facing an uphill battle here.

No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win an NBA Title.

The Warriors are an astonishing 98-8 at home over the past two years.

they haven’t lost three straight games since November 2013.

When LeBron wrote his letter stating he was coming home to play for Cleveland  I predicted that they would go to the NBA Finals in his first season and lose. I also predicted they will win a Championship in his 2nd season. The Warriors have absolutely no answer for the man they call the “Chosen One” and “The King.” Despite the home court advantage the Cavs will win this Game and Cleveland  will have their first Championship in any major sport since 1964. Before Game 6, I predicted the Cavs will win 117-103, they won 115-101. Cavs win Game 7, 108-101.
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