Will There Be A College Football Season?

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No one loves college football more than I do. My Saturday schedule in the Fall is as follows.

7:30 AM: Wake Up

8:00 AM: Go to the gym.

930 AM: Shower.

9:45 AM: Super market shopping.

10:30 AM: Watch College Football Gameday.

12:00 PM: Watch the 1st college football game of the day.

3:30 PM: Watch the National college football game of the week.

8:00 PM: Watch the primetime college football game on ABC.

10:30 PM: Watch a PAC-12 football game.

The college football season is in jeopardy because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. America has over 1.2 million cases of Covid-19 and over 90,000 innocent Americans have died.

The presidents and chancellors of the SEC will vote May 22 on whether to bring student-athletes back to campus on June 1st. Rumor has it 13 of the 14 will vote in favor of it. Oklahoma football coach, Lincoln Riley, was asked about the target date.

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“The June 1st date is ridiculous. We need to bring them in as late as we possibly can before we play the season. Every day early that we bring them in is a day we could have gotten better, we could’ve learned more about the virus. It is a day PPE maybe gets better. It is a day closer to a vaccine. It is a day that our testing equipment and testing capabilities get better, and it is just not worth it. So, we have got to be patient. We get one shot at this, and we’ve got to do it right.”

I agree with Lincoln Riley 100%. We are seeing states open way too early and its costing lives. Texas reopened two weeks ago, they had 2,000 new cases on Friday, their highest total by far. College dorm rooms are no bigger than jail cells, if one person catches a cold it spreads like wildfire throughout the dorm and the campus.

“There isn’t a model I can run to fix the problem of not having any football,” UCF athletic director Danny White said. “I don’t think there’s anybody in my position with a big football fan base that could make decisions to fix that. I don’t know what happens — there’s not a model, there’s not a solution, there’s not an action I can take that’s going to solve that problem.”

The NCAA has one chance to do it right, they must be patient and follow the Center for Disease Control guidelines. Safety must come first. We will get a college football season, but it will be unlike anything we have ever seen. I expect each home team to only allow about 5,000 fans into the stadium. As much as I love watching and going to college football games, it is not worth students or athletes’ lives. After all, it is only a game.

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