Why the Redwolves Should be Washington’s New Name

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By: Ryan Cooley

It has been about a week since Washington announced they would be undergoing a thorough review of their name. After the announcement, reports came pouring in that the name “Redskins” looked to be all but over. There still hasn’t been an official announcement from Washington, but that has not stopped fans from sharing their opinions on possible new names.

At first, Warriors and Redtails were the leading candidates. Warriors would have been a smooth transition as they could keep almost everything the same. Redtails have a great history as they were a group of African American fighter pilots in WWII called The Tuskegee Airmen.

However, in recent days, the name Redwolves have taken fans by storm. The idea originated from the twitter account now named @RedwolvesMania. The name caught on like wildfire and now seems to be the fan-favorite.

Here are three reasons why Redwolves would be an excellent name for Washington.

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Military Connection

The Redtails are not the only name suggested that has a connection to the military. The Red Wolves are the nickname for Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 84. They are only one of two squadrons that are dedicated to supporting the Navy SEALs, SWCC Teams, and Combat Search & Rescue.

In 2011, they received The Citizen Patriot Award and the Navy Unit Commendation. Their Commander, Noel Davis, won the Battle Efficiency Award and was selected as the Commander Naval Air Forces Reserve squadron of the year.

Rivera has close connections to the military as his father was a 32-year veteran for the Army. He has actively shown his support towards the military in his time coaching in the NFL. Rivera seems to have a hand in the possible name change, so Redwolves could draw his attention with the military connection.

Native American Connection

There were reports earlier in the week that said Snyder wanted to still honor Native Americans with the new name. However, now the reports say he is going to avoid any Native American imagery. If he does want to continue the Native American theme, Redwolves could do just that.

Wolves have a deep connection with Native American culture. According to native-languages.org, wolves are prominent figures in the mythology of nearly every Native American tribe. They are considered a medicine that is associated with courage, strength, loyalty, and success at hunting.

The good thing about this name is if Snyder wants to stray away from any Native American imagery, he does not have to make this connection. He can simply say the new name is just about supporting the military and giving the fans what they want.

The Fans Want It

As mentioned earlier, Warriors and Redtails seemed to be the favorites at first. However, after Redwolves was brought up, many jumped on the bandwagon. I have seen numerous polls asking what the new name should be, and Redwolves has been the consistent winner. The Washington Post did this, and at one point there were over 8,600 votes. Redwolves had 54% of the votes. The next highest was Redtails at only 19%.

In reality, the fans should have the final say of what the team name ends up being. They are the ones who buy the tickets and merchandise and watch them on TV. Without fans, there would be no Washington football team.

Since Snyder bought the team in 1999, they have a record of 142-193-1 and are on their 8th head coach. Their fans have not had a lot to be excited about in the past, so Snyder, at the very least, owes it to them to pick the new name.

You can already see how excited fans are about voicing their opinion on the matter. There have been logo and uniform designs all over social media. On the Redwolves alone, I have seen at least 10+ logo and uniform concepts.

Overall I believe Redwolves is the best fit for Washington’s new name. I am not sure if Snyder will even consider what the fans want as he has a history of doing things his way. There has not been an official announcement regarding the name change since they said they would review it. However, Rivera said he would like to have this situation resolved before the season starts.

Will the Washington Redwolves be the future? The fans can only hope.

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