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Josh Rosen

I recently wrote an article about the Redskins QB carousel and why they need to draft a QB with their 1st or 2nd round pick. However, the  Cardinals are looking as if they are willing to move on from Rosen. The Redskins need to look at him as the best option at QB for the following reasons.

He is on a rookie deal

After giving Smith his 4-year $94,000,000 contract with $55 million guaranteed, the Redskins cannot afford to bring in or trade for a capable veteran QB. They traded for Case Keenum, but he nor McCoy can lead a team like the Redskins to the playoffs.

Rosen’s rookie contract is 4-years $17,597,760, with an annual salary of about $4,400,000. In case you were wondering, no the Redskins do not have to pay for his $10 million signing bonus, that falls on the Cardinals shoulders.

Trading for Rosen would be cheaper than drafting any QB at pick 15, and $4.4 million is chump change for a QB with that much potential. It seems as if the Cardinals are holding out for a first round pick, but I am not sure they will get that. So the Redskins may only have to give up is a 2nd and late-round draft pick.

Outside of Murray, he is better than any other QB in this draft

Last year, I had Rosen as the #1 QB in the draft. He has excellent accuracy and high football IQ. Draft experts have Rosen ranked higher than any other QB in this draft outside of Murray. My biggest concern was durability. However, he survived the whole season with the worst offensive line protecting him. The Redskins have a much better line than the Cardinals, so I would not be too concerned about his chances of getting injured.

Rosen had a disastrous rookie season, but the blame cannot be put on him. He had to deal with a first-year head coach with a defensive mind, the worst O line in the league, below average receivers, and lackluster defense. No first-year QB should be held responsible under those circumstances.

The fanbase needs something to get excited about

RG3’s rookie season sparked a fire in the hearts of every Redskins fan. They became passionate again and were excited to watch the Redskins play. For the first time in a long time, FedEx field was full and not half empty.

Today, fans are more passionate about convincing the Skins to fire Bruce Allen than watching them play. They are annoyed with the mediocrity that continues season after season and who can blame them? They have failed to make the playoffs in back-to-back seasons since 1991-1992.

Trading for Rosen means more than just making a smart business decision. It can help their fans become enthusiastic about watching their team on gameday again. This organization owes it to its fans to finally get a QB that can consistently lead this team to success year after year. If the Cardinals do decide to move on from Rosen, the Skins need to jump on him as fast as they can.

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