Why Mariota Will Be A Better NFL Quarterback Than Winston

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The two top quarterback prospects coming into this year’s NFL Draft are Marcus Mariota of Oregon and Jameis Winston of Florida State. Mariota is a speed guy who can run a spread offense with the option mixed in. Winston is built for the “typical” NFL offense with the quarterback under center. The NFL is slowly moving to spread offenses that run the hurry up, like the Eagles.

All the latest mock drafts have Winston going #1 to Tampa Bay and Mariota falling to #6 and some even farther. Mariota threw for 10,796 yards at Oregon with 105 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Mariota also added an astounding 2,237 rushing yards and 29 rushing touchdowns. He is the definition of a dual-threat quarterback. Winston finished college with 7,964 yards and 65 touchdowns and 28 interceptions. While Winston can run, he is more suited for a pocket passing offense in the NFL.

The NFL is moving more toward the mobile quarterback running a spread option offense. The main teams running this are the Eagles, 49ers, Panthers, and Seahawks. Mariota would make any team better because of his pure athletic ability. If he gets drafted into the correct system, he will flourish at the next level. The same could be said for Winston.

I believe Mariota will have a better career in the NFL because he can always perfect his pocket passing skills. Mariota has a fantastic arm and can throw the ball down the field with ease. Mariota’s best on the field characteristic is by far his speed. You cannot teach speed, no matter hard you try to. Mariota can zoom past defensive players, as he did so often in college. But above all characteristics, his most intangible characteristic is his character. Mariota is fantastic leader and great man of integrity. You can count on him to not make your organization look bad. Winston may be a fiery inspirer, but his character isn’t all there. Winston is not someone you want to represent your organization at all.

What do you guys think?

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