Who ya got?


By: Rob Botts

Alright…Playtime is over. Time to get serious. It’s playoff time and there are predictions that need to be made…Let’s get right to it. I am a results orientated writer and you are a results orientated reader...

CAVS VS CELTS – My lovable band of young overachievrs from Boston have absolutely no chance whatsoever in winning this series. Why? Because even though coach of the month Brad Stevens is an excellent play drawer upper, Cleveland has King James and the moves by GM David Griffin earlier this year have brought this together. Cavs in 5.

HAWKS VS NETS – Darren Williams, fresh from his verbal shredding by former teammate Paul Pierce, must have a huge series for Brooklyn to have a chance against the Spurs of the eastern conference….But he won’t. Atlanta is too balanced, talented and well coached. Time for Prokhorov to hop on one of his many planes to one of his many islands to enjoy one of his many…well..you know…Hawks in 5.

BULLS VS BUCKS – If this were an Animal Planet match-up, Bulls charge and deer run. Its just a fact. But, in this human filled competition, this will be a close series. D-Rose is still feeling his way back(again) and the Bucks are capable of playing some pretty fiesty defense and getting up and down the court like well..bucks! Jason Kidd has MCW running the show much more efficiently and has his entire team believing in what he is selling. Tibbs for the Bulls is grinding and I think his players are finally feeling it. Not enough rim is hitting the road just yet on that Chicago bus though…Bulls in 6.

RAPTORS VS WIZARDS – These are two pretty even teams in terms of expectations. When you look at both of these squads, they both are guard heavy in terms of talent and can score. They both have some bangers and shakers upfront with the Polish Hammer for Washington and the fourth Jonas brother for Toronto. I think whatever team’s backcourt shows up and whoever decides to play the most defense will pull this series out. I think that will be the Wizards. Wizards in 7.

WARRIORS VS PELICANS – The Pelicans have taken playoff flight..Unfortunately they will be heading even further south soon…(I hear Costa Rica is nice) The Brow will do his best to keep his team in each game but Golden State has too much. Too much shooting. Too much chemistry. Too much Oracle. Too much Steve Kerr??? Curry and Thompson will bury shots. Green will defend, agitate and fill it up from behind the arc when needed. Bogut will hammer and bump. The Golden State Warriors will win. Warriors in 5.

CLIPPERS VS SPURS – The sexiest of the early round match ups. yes, I used sexy and the Spurs in the same topic. Who doesn’t want to see Pop foul D. Jordan every other possession just to see how everybody is going to react?? To see Paul get mixed up with Parker on screen after screen? To see Kawhi Leonard try and lock up Blake or really any other position on the floor? To see Doc vs Pop? In the end, I just trust the Spurs more. Spurs in 6.

ROCKETS VS DALLAS – Two former 80’s Boston Celtics vying for series supremacy? Chandler Parsons revenge?? No love for these storylines huh? I get it. This series is going to come down to one person and one person only. Yup. James freaking Harden…The Beard has been carrying his team all year long. If he dominates the ball and shoots, alot…they have a SHOT. On the flip side, I really don’t have a feel for these Mavericks. They have lost a few players and gained an enormous personality in Rondo and are still a work in progress. Rockets in 6.

GRIZZLIES VS TRAILBLAZERS – Ever since Portland traded for Arron Afflalo(a great locker room leader and one of the best perimeter defenders in the league) they have…..not really improved that much at all actually. Not expected. Portland has kind of been an average ball club for some time now and they are facing a veteran, tough on the court and tough minded team that has talent all over the place and is ready to take the next step. Oh, and Gasol is playing on another level defensively and offensively this year. I don;t see that changing. Grizzlies in 6.

Now, I could be wrong so you better watch the games anyway.


Rob Botts
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