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Chicago Cubs fans celebrate outside Wrigley Field after the Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians in game seven of the 2016 World Series on November 2, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Scott Olson / GETTY IMAGES)

By: Chandler Ragsdale


Wow. What a game, what a moment, just wow. 108 years of waiting, dealing with agonizing suspense, is now over. The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series since 1908 last night, putting themselves in the history books. This was a monumental moment not only for baseball but for sports in general. Personally, I feel as if this will be the biggest sports accomplishment we will witness in our lifetimes. 108 years is an extremely long time. To put it in perspective for you, in 1908 (the year the Cubs last won a World Series), Al Capone was 9 years old, Babe Ruth had just become a teenager at 13, and Thomas Edison was still alive! So many fans have been waiting for this day, and I never thought I’d see the day!

The game itself is one for the ages. It was very fitting after waiting this long for the Cubs to have to go an extra inning to clinch the Series. I told a friend earlier in the week that if the Indians let Chicago win game 5, that they’d be in trouble. I didn’t see Arrieta losing in game 6 I told him, and that anything can happen in a game 7, which is exactly what happened, everything. We had lead changes, home runs, stolen bases, overturned calls, rain delays, extra innings, and one extraordinary curse was broken.


Having Kyle Schwarber back in the lineup due to the DH role, and also the lack of wind in Cleveland compared to Chicago were two huge factors in this series. As a baseball fan, I was very entertained during this game. It was a test of faith for me the whole game, to say the least. After Chapman gave up the homer in the bottom of the eight, I started to doubt if the Cubs could pull it off. Thankfully, however, they proved me wrong. They were able to do this because of the potent lineup and leadership they have. The rain delay definitely calmed their nerves and was big because it gave Jason Heyward an opportunity to talk to his team. Heyward didn’t hit well all series, but his glove and leadership proved to be key late.

With this win, the next closest record for years without a championship in our 4 major sports here in America is the Arizona Cardinals who last won it all in 1947. That’s still 39 years less than what the Cubs had to do! I almost got the feeling last night that the Cubs passed this title of not being able to win it all to the Indians, who now hold the longest record in baseball without a World Series title. Their last one came in 1948. The Indians are a good team, and they have a bright future in front of them.

The only problem is that there is a handful of teams with a bright or brighter future than them. The Red Sox are very young and talented, the retirement of Big Papi will hurt obviously, but they are eyeing to replace him with a big bat like Edwin Encarnacion. They are also eyeing a big arm to add like Chris Sale.

The Cubs also have the brightest future of all I’d say. With them finally winning, I think free agents like Dexter Fowler will now stay. They are young and ready for building a dynasty. The Indians have a good young pitching staff which is what makes them so dangerous, and having Michael Brantley back in the future will help their bats a lot. Teams like the Washington Nationals are also poised to make some noise in the postseason sooner or later with all of their talents. Only time will tell what will happen in the future, but as for right now, enjoy this Cubs fans!



-Happy Baseball, 2016 is now a wrap, The Chicago Cubs are your World Series Champs! (Never thought I’d say that)

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