Week 4 in College Football Recap

By: Monte Perez

As I get older, my patience isn’t what it used to be. I have no tolerance for teams and programs making the same mistake year after year. There is a reason why Urban Meyer and Nick Saban are in the top 5 every year… They are just better coaches than everyone else. If I was an athletic director at some of these schools, I would seriously be questioning why I hired certain head coaches. Below is my top 5 Things I learned from Week 4 in College Football.

5) Butch Jones and the Tennessee Volunteers, What the Hell are you doing? So far this season, teams leading by 10 or more points going into the 4th quarter are 188-3. Two times now, Tennessee has lost, having double digit leads going into the final period. With 10:19 remaining in the game the Vols scored a touchdown and took a 26-14 lead. Inexplicably, they did not go for the two point conversion. Why??!!!! You have to go up by two touchdowns there. Jones didn’t and went for the extra point to make it a 27-14 lead. This is basic football here, this is something an 8th grade football coach should know and Jones didn’t. With a little over 4 minutes left in the game Florida trailed by 13. On a 4th and 14 the Gators got a first down. Florida was 5 for 5 on the day on 4th down conversions. The Gators won the game 28-27 in a miraculous comeback. Tennessee missed a late field goal to win the game but it never should have come to that. This is the 11th straight time Tennessee has lost to Florida. Jones may be a nice guy and he may be a great recruiter but he has proven this season to be a horrible game coach.

4) Don’t look now but here comes #22 Michigan- When Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh to be their head coach, my first thought was… Urban Meyer now has some serious competition. Ohio State has owned the Big 10 since Meyer took over on the sideline but there may be a new sheriff in town. The Wolverines beat a very good BYU team 31-0 at home. Harbaugh is basically winning with Brady Hoke’s team. You remember Hoke, the coach who had a 34-38 record in the Mid-America Conference. Hoke also had a record of 13-12 as San Diego State’s head coach. His last three years at Michigan he went 8-5, 7-6 and 5-7. How he ever got hired for a Big 10 job is beyond me. The Wolverines are ranked 22nd and are now 3-1. Harbaugh will get the most out of his team every year. I expect him to have one of the best recruiting classes in the country next year. The Big 10 is being put on notice.

3) If you don’t know about #23 West Virginia… you should get to know them- Michigan may be the popular choice for a team that would make some noise this year. But, if you don’t know about West Virginia, they are my team that is trending upward. They are 3-0 and just embarrassed Maryland. 45-6. The Mountaineers were up 38-0 at halftime. In three games Jr. Quarterback Skyler Howard has 901 yards passing, 9 touchdowns and only 1 interception. I like Dana Holgorsen as a coach. This is his 5th year on the WV sidelines (31-23). On Oct 3rd the #23Mountaineers play #15 Oklahoma. If they can win that game, they will be a tough out in the Big 12.

#2) Was #3 TCU/ Texas Tech the College Football game of the year? TCU won on the road, against Texas Tech 55-52. With :23 seconds left to play in the 4th quarter, Trevone Boykin threw a pass that deflected off of WR Josh Doctson and was caught by RB Aaron Green in the back of the end zone. It was a fantastic finish and definitely a top 10 play of the day on ESPN. My problem is not the last play of the game, my problem is the Red Raiders head coach Kliff Kingsbury. He continues to make no in game adjustments. Doctson caught 18 passes for 267 yards and had 3 touchdowns. It was almost as if Texas Tech game plan was hoping that Doctson would get tired. If you followed this team over the past two years, this is nothing new. Over the past 2 seasons, the Red Raiders have let up 35 or more points 11 time ( 9 times last year, 2 times this year). Yet Kingsbury continues to try and outscore people. Here’s a thought… Your defense is awful, it has been awful for years, adjust, evolve, and grow as a coach

Number 1 Thing I learned from Week 4 in College Football

It is over for Mark Helfrich- Sometimes in professional sports, a great player can carry a coach. Magic Johnson took Mike Dunleavy to and NBA Finals in 1990. Dunleavy has a career record of 613-716. He is a broadcaster now who keeps wanting to get back into coaching but no one will hire him because he’s an awful coach. Petyon Manning carried Jim Caldwell to the Super Bowl. Caldwell preceded to go 10-6 and 2-14 after that. He will be fired within 2 years at Detroit. These coaches listed above are laid back and don’t pay attention to detail and their teams will always erode over time. The same thing happened last year with Mark Helfrich, the Oregon Ducks and Marcus Mariota. Time and time again Helfrich on 3rd and less than 2 or 4th and 1 would call a dive play and lose yardage. Instead letting the best player on the field make a play, Mariota, he took the ball out of his hands. Helfrich and the Ducks just lost at home to Utah, 62-20. It was the worst home loss in decades. The Ducks are now out of the top 25 for the first time since 2009. This Ducks loss was beyond embarrassing, they are last in the PAC-12 in almost every defensive category. When Chip Kelly was at Oregon the team had 2,3,4 players deep at each position. The Ducks barely have 1 player deep at each position now. The fact that Helfrich couldn’t get a top high school quarterback to follow in Mariota’s shoes is an absolutely joke. Oregon is sponsored by Nike, Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike and the Ducks biggest supporter financially… Knight makes sure his school has state of the art facilities and uniforms. When Kelly was on the sidelines he recruiting with schools like USC and UCLA, PAC-12 powerhouses. When Alabama loses players to the NFL or Ohio State loses players they don’t go in the tank. They don’t hit rock bottom. When all of Chip Kelly’s players are gone due to graduation or when they move on to the NFL, Helfrich and the Ducks will hit rock bottom. He is a bad game day coach and a below average recruiter. For all of Oregon’s uniforms, sneakers, and facilities they should never be out of the top 10. That school should attract the best players in the country and Helfrich is ruining everything Kelly built. I saw this last year, despite being outcoached the Ducks won because of Mariota. I give Helfrich one more year before he is fired.

UCLA and USC outscored Arizona and Arizona State by the combined total of 98-44. Once again the “Big Brother” the California teams beat up on their step brothers Arizona

The best game of this week is #6 Notre Dame @ #12 Clemson. This is going to be a huge test for Clemson’s young quarterback Deshaun Watson. If you watch one game on Saturday this is it.


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