Week 11 College Football Recap

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By: Monte Perez

To say that week 11 in college football was a surprise is an understatement. Going into Saturday’s games, there was a .003% chance of three out of the top 4 teams losing. You thought the presidential election was turned upside down? College football is now topsy-turvy. There is only 1 thing we know  about the playoffs…  Alabama is a lock to get in once again. Other than that, there are still 6-7 teams that can legitimately make a claim to get to the final four.  Round and round we go, where it stops no one knows.

Here are 5 things the Sports Whisperer learned about Week 11 in College Football:

5) Pittsburgh defeats #3 Clemson 43-42: This may have been a shocker to some but I saw this coming a mile away. After their second game, I wrote, “Clemson doesn’t look right.” This team has had a national championship hangover that has lasted 11 weeks. Yes, there were some blown calls and controversial officiating but this team did not deserve to be undefeated for this long. In front of their home crowd, the Tigers were shutout in the 4th quarter 9-0.  I wouldn’t count Dabo Swinney’s team out of the National Championship conversation but I would be shocked if they win the title.

4) #2 Michigan loses 14-13 to Iowa: This was one of the ugliest offensive games I have seen in years. The two teams combined for 169 passing yards. In an era where every team throws for over 250 yards’ minimum, this game set passing back to the 1960s. Michigan is now 9-1 and will play #2 Ohio State in Columbus Ohio on November 26th.  Head Coach Jim Harbaugh has turned this program around like he did with Stanford and the 49ers but they are a little overrated. Until they get a legitimate threat at quarterback they won’t win a national title.

3) #20 USC upsets Washington 26-13: The Trojans went into Washington and snapped the Huskies 12- game winning streak and basically crushed their playoff dreams. Quarterback Sam Darnold threw for 287 yards and two touchdowns. USC physically manhandled their opponents at the line of scrimmage. The Huskies had only 17 rushing yards all game. That is the definition of imposing your will in the trenches. USC won its 6th straight game and is getting better as the season goes on. They are now 7-3 and in the hunt for the PAC-12 south title. The PAC-12 is terrible this year, it will be almost impossible for a 1-loss Washington team to make the final four.

2) #1 Alabama is the ultimate machine: Picture any villain in sports movies, Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, Shute in Vision Quest or Max Baer from Cinderella Man. These can all be described in the same breath as the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team. The only difference is… This is not a movie. The Tide beat Mississippi State 51-3 and they are primed to win their 5 National Championship since 2009. They never get discouraged during a game and they will never beat themselves. Nick Saban has now become the Mike Krzyzewski of College Football. He will go down in history as the greatest football coach ever. To beat Bama, you have to not only break their will but you have to have more talent and better coaching. You have a better chance of winning the lottery.

1) Oregon and Texas Tech:  For the past year and a half I have  called for Oregon’s head coach Mark Helfrich and TT head coach to both be fired. Kliff Kingsbury is now 12-22 in the Big -12 conference and his defense continually gets worse. The Ducks lost to Stanford at home  52-27. They were down 38-13 at halftime and 52-13 after the third quarter. After Chip Kelly left Eugene to go to the NFL I predicted this program would erode in 3 years. Well, it has taken four years. Helfrich’s squad is now 3-7 and 1-6 in the PAC-12. They have lost 6 out of their last 7 games giving up 35,41,51,70,45 and 52 points in their losses.


The Sports Whisperer’s Top 5

  • Alabama
  • Ohio State
  • Louisville
  • Clemson
  • Washington

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