Week 11 – Broncos vs. Vikings – Mile High Review

There is an old saying that states lightning does not strike twice. In the Broncos Week 11 matchup, that seems to be the case. ESPN’s FPI gives Minnesota a 78.8% chance to win this game. So, will lightning strike twice for the Broncos? Can Denver catch lightning in the bottle once more? Let us discuss this. We will preview the keys to victory on offense and defense. Then, we will scout which players to look out for on the Vikings’ squad. Last, we give out prediction. So, let’s get it!

Keys to Victory for the Offense

The Vikings are one of the most robust defenses in the league. In total defense, they rank 13th. Minnesota does not allow much on the ground or through the air. Without question, the best weapon the Broncos offense has is Phillip Lindsay, but how can they unleash him? Well, in Week 11, the Broncos have to let Brandon Allen loose. Now, one might think that doesn’t make any sense, but let me explain.

Week 11

If I know Phillip Lindsay is the man, the Vikings know that he is the man as well. For Lindsay, that means Minnesota will stuff as many in the box as they can. To counterattack this, the Broncos will need to establish their passing game in Week 11. If the Broncos can get the Vikings to commit more defensive backs down the field, that opens up more passing lanes for Lindsay and Freeman. It’s a bold move, Cotton, but Denver has to give it a shot.

Keys to Victory for the Defense

Week 11

Here we go again. It’s a new week, but the key to victory for the defense remains the same. For the Broncos to win, they have to stop the run. So, I’ll make this short. Minnesota is 3rd in the NFL in rushing with 153 rushing yards per game. Down Adam Thielen and facing the 4th best passing defense in the NFL, the Vikings will rely heavily on the run game. It seems like the front seven has been at the plate for weeks now, but they’ll have to do it again. Are they ready? They better be.

Player to Look Out For

Week 11

Surprise, surprise. It’s a running back. In Week 11, though, it’s not just any running back. The Broncos face the best running back in the league, and his name is Dalvin Cook. While Christian McCaffrey has slightly better numbers, Cook has less usage and more rushing yards. He has 894 rushing yards, to be exact. Dalvin is no slouch on the receiving end, either. He has 33 receptions for 338 yards on 41 targets. He will test the front seven. It will be Denver’s biggest challenge this season. They better bring their A-game.

The Prediction

Last week, I pulled a Babe Ruth. I called my shot picking the Broncos, and I nailed it. I can’t do that again. While he Vikings have lost to the Bears and a Mahomes-less Chiefs team, I doubt they lose to the Broncos. Let’s call it 37-24, Vikings.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think I blew my optimism load last week. See you next week with the recap!

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