Week 1 College Football Playoff Top 4

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By: Joe “Cright” Cardoso

This season of college football has been insane full of ups and downs. I can’t remember a season with more CRAZY jaw dropping game winning plays, most of us are still in shock from the Miami “win” over Duke. But now comes my new favorite time of the CFB season the weekly battle and debate which is the playoff rankings. At the start of the season Monte, Kristen, and I did our top 25, only fitting we do weekly playoff rankings. I  based my rankings on the eye ball test. I watch a ton of college football and would like to think I know the game well. But the best part of this is the debate. So let’s get to it shall we:

4.) Ohio State Buckeyes: With all the talent they brought back I expected them to be a runaway train this year and that has not been the case. Cardale Jones did not come out on fire this year but looks like he will get another shot at starting QB. Braxton Miller has been a gem as a OW (Offensive Weapon). JT Barrett will miss a game or two but the team with him under center looks a lot better. No one is going to knock them off without a great TEAM effort. The schedule is weak yeah yeah yeah but the champs get my respect. Those last two games of the year vs the Spartans and Michigan will be huge.

3.) Baylor Bears: Watching the bears is like seeing a game of old school EA Sports NCAA football. Older fans find the bears style off putting sorry, it’s 2015 welcome to the new age. YES the Big 12 is NOT know for defense and the Kansas Jayhawk program should be turned over to the police it sucks so bad. Can anyone stop these bears? Even with the loss of QB Seth Russell I think they will be just fine and still put up 2 TD’s before you get half way done that first beer. For those who say who have they played? I say shut up and wait they face off vs Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU on the ROAD. Win all those games with freshman QB Jarrett Stidham leading the way and it SHOULD be easy sailing into New Years Day. One loss and it’s another holiday spent wondering what could have been in Waco.

2.) LSU Tigers: Best player in CFB, an offense that’s scored at least 34 points in each of its last six games and two of the better wins of any of the teams in contention for a playoff spot. That’s what LSU brings to the table. Leonard Fournette, who has rushed for 1,352 yards (7.7 yards per carry) and 15 touchdowns. The Hat is on a mission and his team is all in to see it happen. HUGE game this weekend vs a Bama team that most still has a shot to make it to the New Years Day party. LSU has studs all over the place and is going to bring it’s A game Saturday. Great end to the season with tough games galore and an SEC Championship game as well.

1.) Clemson Tigers: Dabo Swinney looks to have gotten his team past the classic shocking loss. Top 20 on both sides of the ball the Tigers are stacked. Deshaun Watson should be in any Heisman talk he has had a great season thus far. People will say Wofford and Appalachian State!?! Yes the ACC in my opinion is the weakest of the power 5 BUT unless they stumble the Tigers should be playing New Years Day. Saturday may be the last chance they have to impress the committee so the FSU game is that much more important. Hold on to that Notre Dame win like a winning lotto ticket.


It’s only week one people so RELAX but I look forward to respectful debates with people over my rankings. Can’t wait to see it all unfold for more great content from all of NBS, visit our website. And follow me @cright

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