Washington Wizards: What’s Next?

The Wizards’ John Wall Friday night after Washington won Game 6 of their playoff series against the Boston Celtics. Credit Alex Brandon/Associated Press

By: Joe Cardoso

Well, last night was not the end that Washington Wizards fans wanted as the 2016-2017 season came to a close, as they lost an exciting game 7 to the Boston Celtics in Boston. Now as the Wizards look to the summer ahead let’s see what they should look at and also recap some of the highlights of this season which saw the nation take notice that DC is on the rise.

Many people myself included thought that the resigning of Bradley Beal for that huge $128 million dollar deal would be an issue. Well, let me wipe the crow from my mouth and give Bradley the props he has earned after a great season and franchise changing playoffs. Beal balled this season and along with John Wall, they are in my opinion a top 3 backcourt in the league. I would like to see Beal finish strong at the basket and stop the floaters and layups. Bang one on some people’s heads and see how it helps his game and the refs will call him different as well.

Washington Wizards guard John Wall celebrates as he stands on the scorer’s table after Game 6 against the Boston Celtics in an NBA basketball second-round playoff series, Friday, May 12, 2017, in Washington. Wall sank the game-winning 3-point shot. The Wizards won 92-91. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

John Wall…..where do I start? The man was Mr. Everything for this team and put his name along with those elite players in the league. We are a what have you done for me lately type of fan base so people will kill Wall for his poor shooting in the 4th of game 7. Don’t get me wrong he deserves to get talked about. It was the 4th quarter with the season on the line and the team goal of making the eastern conference finals on the line, and John was horrible. But how soon we forget there is NO game 7 without his huge shot in game 6. Or do the Wiz even make the second round if he doesn’t take over IN Atlanta and get the job done? What he needs is a REAL backup who can give solid minutes and lead the team while John rests. It looked to me like not just Wall but the whole team ran out of gas. Anyone who says this is the end of John’s NBA legacy is crazy and needs to seek medical help. How quickly we forgot the game LeBron had cramps and couldn’t finish strong, to be the hero of a Cavs championship. Save the hate for someone else, please.

Otto Porter should they sign him or let him go? Porter has not reached his peak and the leaps he has taken so far are just the start. If they let him leave you can bet he will be a solid pro for another team and maybe come back to hurt the Wizards. The salary cap is what it Is pay the man and keep the core intact. No draft pick and little to no cap room this won’t be easy but here it is.

Here is the summer homework for the Washington Wizards:

  1. REAL bench depth!! All teams get exposed in the playoffs in 7 games everyone can see your weaknesses and the Wizards was the lack of ANY bench. Either through free agency or the draft GET IT DONE. Wall can’t play 48 minutes a game for 82 plus games. Ernie my man FIGURE IT OUT!!
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  2. Sign Otto Porter unless you have some IMPACT free agent locked in Otto is a key to this young core that is just reaching it’s prime. Do not think Trey Burke all of a sudden becomes a baller, as much as it pains me to say that since he went to Michigan (Go Blue).
  3. Find a center the contract for Ian Mahinmi is unreal and one of the worst in sports when you look at what he gives you nightly. I know stats junkies say he gives them something when healthy, sorry kids I do not see it. Gortat is unhappy I say let him go and find a stretch 4-5 who works better with the squad. Maybe trade one of them and get bench depth.


Scott Brooks proved to be a good fit and coach for this team and YES I am saying that even though he was out coached by Brad Stevens. To bring the team back from the start they had to push the number one seed to 7 games is no small feat. This was a  season full of highs and lows but with some moves this season they can take the next step. Almost no cap space and no draft picks, no pressure Ernie. Washington can’t be the east version of the Portland Trailblazers who have two great guards and a bunch of bodies. The NBA season never stops and expect the brass in D.C. to get to work. Ernie Grunfeld this is all on you, my friend get it right or you won’t be a member of the #DCFamily.

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