UFC 244: Jorge Masvidal Wins BMF Belt

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By: Julio Olmo

Jorge Masvidal drop Nate Diaz in the first round and then in the middle of another exchange blew a kiss to the crowd.

UFC action is very often that fast and also that furious, so Masvidal drop Diaz again in the second round just to make certain that no one had missed the first time.

After those first 2 rounds, it would become a matter of endurance for Masvidal.

He only had to watch out for Diaz to get his second wind in the final rounds and not throw him to the ground and try to get him to submit.

The final rounds would be Masvidal biggest tests and their encounter was living up to its’ billing.

However the fight did not go to distance.

It was over on the 3rd round, as the doctor called to a stop, due to a cut on Nate Diaz’s eye and Gamebred won the UFC 244 BMF Belt.

Personally, I belong to a small minority-group which agrees with the doctor’s decision of calling a stoppage to the fight.

Asking Nate Diaz would be pointless.

Diaz is a warrior and you could asking him same question 100 times and he’s going give you the same answer each time.

“…I’m coming back for your ass…M*fer!”, Nate Diaz.

“I don’t think Diaz was hurt but anyone who was upset about the stoppage doesn’t realize how bad that cut was. I’m glad they stopped it. I am a Diaz fan but that cut was Vicious”, Monte Perez.

“First of all, GREAT FIGHT! 2nd of all I hated the stoppage & 3rd Masvidal is a Beast! All the credit in the World to Diaz! He is the reason the sport is growing…”, Lion Cuban.

“…I was hype-ready going into the 4th & 5th rounds…and I could see it in his eyes that he was ready for those championship rounds…it’s not my fault the doctor stop it…all we can do is run it back!”, Jorge Masvidal.

“Overall great night for Combat Sports!”, Lion Cuban.


Finally, on another note…

I’m old school and I firmly believe in the chain of command, but sometimes you have to help out whoever is in charge, anyway you can from themselves without being confrontational.

Oscar De La Hoya obviously needs lots of help with decision making, but has surrounded himself with a staff, which only looks to cash-in paychecks.

He has made some very poor choices, and comments, in the past, but to hold the Canelo vs. Kovalev fight on the same night as UFC: 244 should have been a non-starter.

There was no way in God’s Green Earth – even remotely!, that a fight scheduled on the same night of UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden in New York, on ESPN-PPV and with a sitting United States President in attendance was going to make a bleep on any radar…plus it basically said FU to the entire East Coast!

Now, if Oscar De La Hoya has paper to burn like that, then there’s only one thing to say:

God Bless, Brother.


“Events were also two hours apart as far as start times. It worked fine for us out West, but the folks on the East Coast, had a pretty long night.”, Greg Rector.

“Even the cash cow which is Canelo could not compete with Masvidal-Diaz was already in place when they announced Canelo-Kovalev! Arrogance on behalf of Oscar!”, Lion Cuban.

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