UFC 190 Rousey vs Correa This one is personal


Written by: LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports

The wait is soon coming to an end. August 1st in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, UFC 190 and the long awaited match up for the Women’s UFC Championship will go down. Defending Champion Ronda Rousey takes on Bethe Correia. This fight, for business was good enough but events during the time to August 1st made this one very VERY personal.

Back in May, in an “Q and A” style interview with Combate, Bethe Correia dropped some very personal attacks on Rousey.

“Certainly, she is focused on movies, books – and I’m getting ready for her,” Correia said. “Ronda talks about being a superwoman, a hero, but she’s a woman just like me. In fact, I am much stronger. I come from an underdeveloped country, where people struggle to survive, to keep from starving. It is very different from the reality of her life.

“Under pressure, she is proven weak. When her mother put pressure on her, she ran away from home. When she lost, it was to drugs. She even suffered from a food compulsion. That’s not a superhero. When she feels the pressure and sees that I’m prepared to fight her, I want to see what the reaction will be. She is not well in the head. She needs to take care of that. She is surrounded by people, she is winning, but when the truth hits her and she realizes she’s not all that, who knows what might happen. I hope she doesn’t commit suicide.”

Whether Correia knew about Rousey’s father or not, talking about suicide clearly is crossing the line. More so if a person has gone through it as Rousey has in the most personal of ways, with her late father. When Rousey heard about these comments she was quick to respond.

“Suicide is no joke or selling point. My father will be with me the day I hand you the comeuppance you deserve,” Rousey responded via her Twitter account.

This fight come Saturday night may not be as quick as the 14-second fight Rousey had in her last title defense. Rousey continues to say that because this fight is so personal to her, she plans to make an example of Correia, not just to teach her to respect her but for those who are coming through who want a shot at Rousey down the road.

In an interview yesterday after her open workout in Brazil, Rousey reiterates these points about Correia.

“This definitely is the most personal fight that I’ve ever been in and it’s the most pressure that I’ve ever been under, and that’s another reason why Bethe is just never meant to be the champion,” Rousey said at UFC 190’s open workouts. “Because she said that, ‘oh, I have no pressure on me, no one expects anything out of me, so that’s an advantage.’

The Rousey gets into reminding the other women who are thinking of coming after her to watch and take notice.

“I can’t have girls taking the same approach as Bethe,” Rousey reiterated Wednesday. “Ender’s Game was one of my favorite books growing up, and one the messages I took (from the book) is when you beat somebody, you have to beat them so well and thoroughly that you beat them all of the future times. You have to win all of the future possible fights.

“So I have to beat this girl so thoroughly that there’s not future girls who pick on my family in order to get a quicker title shot. Pick on me all you want, but leave them out of it. That’s what I really want to accomplish.”

There are no doubt other matches in the UFC 190 line up but the one everyone is talking about, the one everyone is waiting for is Rousey vs Correia. In Brazil, Correia’s back yard, Rousey seems to be the underdog. But the Champ has vengence on her side and come the end of the fight, these two ladies will be moving in different directions. But which one goes which way … get UFC 190 and find out.


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