Two Much

By: Rob Botts

Game one of the NBA Finals was a spectacular action packed adventure that had somewhat of a dud of an ending. The sequel was just as action packed with a better storyline and one heck of an ending. The Cleveland Cavaliers tied up this best of seven NBA Finals series 1-1 with a 95-93 overtime win over the Golden State Warriors.

Let’s start at the end and work our way back shall we? We all have heard and actually seen with our own eyes over the NBA years who J.R. Smith can go into an absolute zone. He’ll hit shots falling out of bounds, spinning in the lane and sometime seven with his eye closed as he is tripping over himself. BUT, then we have all seen way too many times when he goes straight knucklehead on us. So much to the point where tonight you seriously wondered if he had a full basketball lobotomy somewhere by the bench before he came back into the game. The fouls he made were like a hammer swing almost pushing that last nail through their championship coffin. Almost.

But the Cleveland Cavaliers had three things working for them in this thrilling follow up to game one. Team defense, the shot maker from down under, Matthew Dellavedova and the king himself, Mr. LeBron James. Cleveland had guys flying all around the floor tonight in defense of their bucket. They were up in people’s shirts taking away shooter’s “air space” as so many coaches like to say. The recipient of most of tho taking away of air space, was this years MVP, Stephen Curry. Had a rough night shooting the ball and it was because of Cleveland’s team defense.

Mathew Dellavedova had a gutty and aggressive game. Everything the team has come to expect form him when he has filled in for star point guard Kyrie Irving. He gets on the floor, he throws the necessary chicken wing when challenge an most of l he is their when it counts and a bucket is needed. Or, 2 HUGE free throws.

LeBron James played like he would not be denied. He was everywhere in the Oracle arena tonight. In between dunking, hitting tough shot after tough shot, throwing amazing passes and rebounding the rock, I think he actually assisted the concession stand at halftime and saved the valet in the parking lot when they were caught in the weeds. The man spent every ounce of energy he had in this game. No Irving. No Love. No chance everybody said.(myself included) Just finishing up my humble pie right now thanks to the Chosen One. He is carrying the entire city of Cleveland on his broad shoulders.

Game two was just too much on so many levels for the basketball junkie. It had the classic back and forth. It had lead changes that created suspense. It had runs by both teams and role players stepping up to take their place in Finals lore. The Cleveland Cavaliers got an enormous win. They only get more enormous from here on as the series shifts back to the city that hasn’t won a major sports championship since the 1960’s.

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