Our Trust Issues with Baseball

By: Jacob Fain

Honestly, one of my all time favorite things to do is sit down after a long day and watch the Giants play, or really any baseball team for that matter. Now as I sit down and we get into later innings, and I start to really think about baseball and all of those who play it professionally, one burning question always hits me like a Randy Johnson fastball: “Who’s using out here?” It’s a pretty fair question, right? Whenever I see a guy clock triple digits pitching, or a first baseman hit three home runs in a game, I ponder this, because the MLB has not had the best time with its drug usage problem.

One thing that does worry me, is that it happens every year. The Ryan Braun issue, as much as we want to forget about it, was just last year, and that was a huge deal in the baseball universe. Alex Rodriguez, a living reminder of our biggest steroid user (that was caught), is now having a good season and we have all of a sudden just dropped our complaints. “Well he served his time.” That’s one thing you’ll always hear fans say to defend him, just because he did does not mean we can just throw away the fact that he did it multiple times.

There are also fans out there who believe that the MLB does regular testing, which they do not…at all. The MLB is like that lazy kid who you have to keep nagging to do something, and he keeps saying “Okay, I will.”, but he never does. Then finally, when you nag him enough, he gets off his butt and does it. but does a terrible job…that’s baseball for you.

The worst thing about this whole steroid era, is the poor players who never used, but just because they played in this small time frame, we have to ask: did they use? Do you know why the great Mike Piazza has not been voted into the Hall of Fame yet? It’s kind of nasty to tell you the truth, but it’s because he has “back acne”…yeah, a thing found in most teenagers has kept Piazza out of the Hall. Apparently, acne is a side effect of steroid usage, but that’s unproven.

What can the MLB do to make all of us forget this terrible age of cheating and clear its name? Well, wait about twenty years, we all would have forgotten by then.

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