Truck Day for the Red Sox

Boston Red Sox begin the journey

Red Sox

The biggest news of this offseason so far is the Sox and Alex Cora parting ways because of the Astros cheating scandal in 2017 when he was the bench coach. Players from the 2018 Championship team have said they won that fair and square and no cheating was going on. The MLB is still investigating the 2018 Red Sox and a ruling should be coming out shortly before the season begins.

With football season now over, spring training is right around the corner. The Red Sox have a truck day today and will send their equipment to Fort Myers. However, this time they don’t have a manager and are in the process of trying to deal Mookie Betts. The Sox will probably want to deal Betts before it becomes a distraction next week when players report.

Chaim Bloom has a mess on his hands as the Chief Baseball Officer. He needs to find a manager and put a contending team together for the 2020 season. Bloom obviously doesn’t have the final say because I’m sure needs approval from ownership before he does anything.

Going into the season I think they should send Price along with Betts because he doesn’t want to be on the Red Sox either. Betts clearly wants $420 million and he’s not getting that in Boston so I would send Betts and Price to the Dodgers and they can live the LA life. They have their World Series Championships all they want now is to get away from Boston.

The Sox recently singed Mitch Moreland but they need to do more than that. A big trade is coming this week from the Sox so they don’t have distractions going into spring training. If I was Bloom I’d also at least hire a manager so I have one going into spring training. It’s probably temporary anyway so just hire one then bring Cora back when his suspension is up.

Hopefully, things pick up this week as we roll into baseball season. I want a contending team this year and not players on this team that aren’t good and don’t want to be in Boston.

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