Trade Deadline: Washington Redskins

Redskins Trade Deadline

NFL Trade Deadline

By: Ryan Cooley

Nearing the NFL trade deadline on October 29th, fans all around patiently wait to see if their team makes a move. Some fans are pleading their case for why they need to trade for a star player, while others are saying a prayer that their GM doesn’t ship away their favorite player.

The Washington Redskins are sitting at 1-5, and many are looking toward the offseason already. With the deadline approaching, the Redskins are a big name for trading away, veteran players.

Here are players that Washington should look into trading away and possibly trading for.

Players to Trade Away

Trent Williams: This is the most obvious, and a trade that should have already happened. I will never be able to wrap my head around the fact that Williams has made it clear he will not play for this organization again. The Redskins could possibly pull at least a first-rounder if not more, yet they refuse to do so.

This team needs as many draft picks as it can get, and they are sitting on a premium pick. Maybe Allen is playing hardball with teams, but if history tells us anything, he is not, and Williams will not be moved.

Price: 1st rounder (possibly more)

Potential candidates: New England, Cleveland, Cincinnati

Paul Richardson: Richardson signed a 5-year/$40 million contract in 2018. I questioned this signing from the beginning. I knew Richardson had potential, but giving him around $8 million annually seemed a bit much. Fast forward a year and a half, and Richardson is worth nowhere near that type of money.

In his time with Washington, he only has managed 40 catches for 425 yds and 4 TDs. He couldn’t stay healthy last year, and that is another factor in why they should consider moving on from him.

Price: 5th-6th rounder

Potential Candidates: San Franciso, Oakland, Indianapolis

Josh Norman: Fans are tired of seeing Norman get burnt every week. Norman, who is making around $15 million a year, may have one of the worst contracts in the NFL. Dunbar has proven to be a far superior corner.

The biggest problem with Norman is that no one will want to pick up that atrocious contract. If there is any hope to ship him elsewhere, the Skins will most likely have to package up Norman with a draft pick.

This trade would not be to acquire a pick but rather to rid Washington of his contract.

Price: This trade would need to involve multiple players. The Skins would most likely have to give up Norman and a 3rd rounder to possibly get a player/pick in return.

Potential Candidates: Kansas City, Seattle

Ryan Kerrigan: This is difficult to write because Kerrigan is my favorite Redskin. He was selected 16th overall in the 2011 draft. He has been nothing short of a blessing for this team. The Redskins are known for being dysfunctional and inconsistent, and Kerrigan is the exact opposite of that.

He is a hard worker, and you know what he is going to give on the field. I have said for a while now that he has deserved better. He deserves to be on a team that is in contention and where his talents would actually help them win.

Price: 3rd rounder

Potential Candidates: Baltimore, Buffalo

Players to Trade For

OJ Howard: Bruce Arians is known for not using his TEs, and that is precisely what is happening in Tama Bay. Howard was selected 19th overall in the 2017 draft. He has loads of potential with Pro Football Focus giving Howard an outstanding 89.1-grade last season.

The Redskins are desperate for a TE. Reed’s career may be over with the numerous concussions and injuries suffered, and Davis is 35 years old. Howard would be a huge addition to this offense. If they want Haskins to succeed, they should surround him with weapons. Outside of McLaurin, they don’t have another player they can truly rely on.

Price: 2nd rounder or 3rd rounder with a player

DeVante Parker: Another former first-round pick, Parker, has not lived up to expectations. He was selected 14th overall in the 2015 draft. There would be little risk trading for Parker since his price tag is cheap.

This trade could be an excellent opportunity for the Redskins to see if Parker is a WR that simply needs a change scenery. His contract is $5 million next year but is not guaranteed. This is a low-risk high-reward opportunity for a team that needs WR help.

Price: 5th or 6th rounder


It would be disappointing to see the Redskins not make any moves before the deadline. They do not need to trade for anyone, but they need to trade players away. A rebuild is necessary, and the first step to that is trading away veteran players on expensive contracts.

Gathering draft picks in the middle of an already lost season is the best move. A team cannot rebuild through free agency; they must do it through the draft. Hopefully, Allen will come to his senses and actually make the right moves before October 29th.

Ryan Cooley
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