Tom Brady: The Greatest Football Player of All-Time

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said, “Tom Brady is the greatest NFL player of all-time.”
Soon after these comments were made,social media exploded with polls, comments and debates.

In my opinion the three greatest players of all-time were Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders.

Taylor had a defensive genius coaching him in Bill Parcells:

Taylor won 2 Super Bowl.
10 time pro-bowl selection.
He was the last defensive player to win the NFL’s MVP Award,(1986).
1,089 tackles, 132.5 sacks.

Jerry Rice had an offensive guru coaching him in Bill Walsh.

Rice won 3 Super Bowls and won the Super Bowl MVP (XXXIII).
13 time pro-bowl selection.
1,54p receptions.

Barry Sanders won 1 playoff game in his career:

10 time pro -bowl selection.
NFL Most Valuable player in 1997.
Averaged 5 yards per carry, rushed for 15,269 yards and had 109 total touchdowns.

Tom Brady has surpassed all of them.

Brady has been to 13 AFC Championship Games.

After defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime on Sunday, Brady will be playing in his 9th Super Bowl.

Brady has not only changed the game but he has changed his coach. Bill Belichick was considered to be a defensive coach. Before Brady,Bill wanted his quarterback to “manage” the game. All that changed once he started to trust the former Michigan Wolverine quarterback. Belichick continues to be one of the most aggressive coaches on offense. He is always amongst the league leaders in going for it on 4th down. A lot of the so called “Haters” will say that Belichick has made Brady the quarterback he is today. That may be true, but Brady has made Bill the coach he is. Before Brady, the former Giants defensive coordinator had a head coaching record 36-44 with the Cleveland Browns and he was 5 and 13 in New England before Brady took over the starting job.

The NFL has implemented more rules to favor the offense, in part because of Brady. They have also done a great deal to protect quarterbacks,so they can play in all 16 games.

To call someone the G.O.A.T is purely speculation and based on opinion not fact.

In my humble opinion, Brady is the greatest NFL player of all-time

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