Tom Brady Leaves Patriots

Tom Brady leaves
Tom Brady earned too many celebrations to count in New England, but desires another one in different NFL city. Credit: AP

In The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King, no hope remains at one point for Gandalf and the hobbits. However, the contemplative wizard isn’t dismayed. “Death isn’t the end,” he reassures his friends, “it’s just the next step on or journey.” Considering athletes die twice, the final leg of Tom Brady’s first life-journey took a shocking turn. Brady announced he wouldn’t return to the Patriots, creating a flurry of speculation. Now is a time to reflect on his 20 sterling New England years. However, it’s more important to examine his current aspirations.

20 (mostly) Excellent years; how many more?

Brady won 249 games in Massachusetts, with fewer losses (although they hurt). Fans haven’t settled the argument for GOAT and never will. Here’s one fact we can all agree on: there’s never been a quarterback more committed to his team, league rules be damned. I doubt success with the pats somehow grew stale. If winning bored, Brady would’ve quit 16 years ago. Today, however, Brady wanted to declare independence. Publically, every word from his coach and team was glowing.

Nice graphic! At this point, however, the glitz doesn’t move Brady. Neither does endless talk of legacy, unless it’s his self-image. Ultimately, is there any other reason to play?


Brady claims to love Patriot fans.

And I’m convinced he claims the love honestly! The doubt over “only won because of Belichick,” however, seeped into his mind. Brady wants to convince himself (who cares about fan’s opinions?) he can win on his terms, and that he can win with authority and lead a locker room chanting the team name (and not, importantly, his). Wherever he decides to sign, he is embarking on the final chapter in the book of his first life. Yes, the story of Brady as an athlete is almost complete. We don’t know if he will finish victoriously. Crucially, however, it will end on his terms.

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