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By: Joe Cardoso

Wait it’s Thanksgiving already? Where did 2018 go people? Never the less that is where we are at folks, how did the goals you set for the year go for you? The end of the year is a time to get a boost and finish the year off strong, and our last Dream Chaser of the year is a driven and positive force. She is a huge fan of the game of golf and is using her platform to impact women’s sports and also build a brand that encourages women to play the game of golf.  With a blend of swag, drive and creativity, we introduce you to Tisha Alyn!!

JC: Starting with the game of golf how were you introduced to the game and what part(s) of the game do you love the most?

TA: I began golf at the young age of 3. My dad introduced me to the game at such a young age that I can’t recall a day in my life where I didn’t know how to play! My dad was determined to make me an athlete growing up. He originally wanted me to become a tennis player, however, right before my 4th birthday he caught the golf bug and immediately got me into it. At the time, my father was a stay at home, so he would take me to the driving range every day with my plastic set. Eventually, it became my lifestyle and I was entered into my first tournament at 7 years old.

I absolutely love the difficulty that the game brings. There’s no such thing as perfect. And no matter how much you train, you’ll always hit a bad shot. It’s the ultimate challenge. I also love the game for the connections/relationships I’ve made along the way. The majority of my friendships began because of golf! It connects people in a different way. You can really get to know someone in a round of golf. Also, thanks to golf, I’ve been able to travel to some amazing places with amazing people, and for that, I will always be grateful. Literally can’t imagine life without the game!

JC: For the last few years fitness and weight training has become a bigger part of the game, what is your fitness routine and take on it?

TA: I just recently these past couple months got back into training full time. Since putting down the bag, it is way more difficult to keep up my body. Thanks to Dynamic Fitness I’m able to be camera ready at all times. I train nearly every single morning I am home, a minimum of 3 days a week.
I think it is so important to incorporate fitness into golf. Being able to have endurance through the weather changes and multiple weeks on the road is crucial. Distance is also a huge key in the game now. Those who hit it far or don’t have issues with distance is at a huge advantage. Competing on the mini-tour circuit from 2015-2017, I was very fortunate that distance wasn’t a stress of mine. I kept up with the other girls just fine.

JC: You are a TRUE go-getter! How do you balance it all and stay organized?

TA: Aw thank you for the compliment! I just don’t see life any other way than working hard towards what you want. Truthfully, I can probably use an assistant at this rate. I spend a significant amount of time just planning out my schedule, then the rest I spend it on executing. I think it’s safe to say that my dating life is out the window! Haha. Although it gets tough, I want to say I do a decent job balancing out my golf/social life, building my company, and spending time with friends/family. It really just comes down to time management.

JC: At what point did you decide to stop pursuing a professional golf career and take it to another lane? And how difficult was it to come to that decision?

TA: I turned professional the end of 2015 and decided to slowly put the bag away towards the end of 2017. I had just taken on the role of Social Media Marketing Manager of my previous company and it became difficult to manage playing professionally and that. My passion to build women’s golf as opposed to playing it eventually took over me. So last winter is when I made the call to put down the bag and compete casually/if I feel the urge to come back.
It was honestly a huge life hurdle for me. I spent countless days crying to my very close net of people and discussing with my business partner, Nikki B, what the best call was for me. It felt like I lost a piece of me like I lost my identity. All I have known my entire life is competing. It was a process for me to accept that it was okay to walk away from the game. It was a lot of pride, and fear of losing value as a golfing figure in stripping the title “professional golfer” away. Finally, I told myself, just because I can’t compete anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t grow the game and make a difference. After that point, I haven’t looked back.

JC: For those who don’t know what is Forehersports and what is the goal?

TA: Foreher Sports is a women’s community that aims to connect, educate and inspire women on and off the course. Our goal is to provide another platform to powerful women in business and golf and level out the playing field. We have a lot of plans in store for the New Year that you’re just going to have to wait to see what we’re talking about!

JC: Love, love the Instagram dance videos! Have you always had a passion for dance?

TA: ALWAYS. I have always had a passion for dance, and I always will. Dancing was something that came naturally to me! Growing up in Chicago, dancing was a big part of city culture. I basically watched then followed. Believe it or not, I used to be a lot shyer as a kid! But dancing really brought the joy and personality out of me. In high school, I began to take it more seriously by joining a dance company, but I eventually quit to focus on golf heading into University.

JC: Since you started what changes in the game of golf have you seen for women good or bad?

TA: Watching golf grow over the time I’ve been in the game has been amazing. Good and bad, but I want to say mostly good! Women’s golf has clearly grown in multiple ways, in fashion, popularity, and the amount of women joining especially. If I could change anything in a snap though, I would want to immediately equal out pay on the LPGA, increase exposure even more so for not just the tour players, but for any badass woman using golf as a tool in life, and to provide more women welcoming golf events. Since I can’t do it in just a snap, it’ll take me just a bit longer. 😉

JC: When it comes to business partnership how do you decide who to get behind?

TA: I think I can speak for most influencers on this one, but I ultimately decide what partnerships I make based on if my goals align with theirs and if it’s a brand that I fully buy into and believe in. Believing in the brand and seeing the potential is something I cannot emphasize enough. As influencers, it is our job to tell our followers why they should use a product or attend an event or what have you. If I don’t believe in the brand, then why should my followers?

JC: As 2018 comes to an end without giving it all away what’s on deck for the rest of 2018?

TA: As of now, nothing really! It’s a crazy lifestyle I live. Who knows, sometimes I get picked up for a gig the day before and get my brief on my plane ride over haha. Currently, I have a personal trip lined up and a couple shoots that I am excited for. Can’t say yet sorry! But besides that, this is my chill time to really build the company plans for the New Year and enjoy family time. I’ve traveled so much this year; this is finally my biggest break.

JC: Social Media is IT in today’s world. What do you like about it and hate about?

TA: It definitely is IT. It’s my job really! Oh gosh. Well, the thing I hate about it the most is the negative people out there. I may post something and get 100 fantastic comments, but that one negative comment can get you every time. This goes for all of the girls. Also, social media does take away from normal everyday interaction. I catch myself all the time on my phone and I’ve now disciplined myself to put it aside way more often.

The things I love most is the freedom to create. I love to create content and come up with things that are unique, authentic, and relatable. There are no rules to social. And thanks to it, it shows that just your average person can become a figure and use that following to give back in some way. Which is what I want to do, use my following to inspire, educate, and show people how awesome golf really is! Social has opened up so many doors for me, which I am forever grateful for.

Bonus Questions:
JC: Of all the hats you wear content creator, host, business owner which one do you like best and why?

TA: That’s a tough one! It all comes very close. But I think by a very slim margin I have to say Content Creator. I love making my visions come to life for not just myself, but for other people. I love directing, being silly, helping others, and watching the positive feedback roll in. I currently have a list in my journal of content ideas that I still have yet to create!

JC: Who is Tisha Alyn?

TA: Haha. I’m just a girl that loves life and what I do that’s looking to make an impact on women’s sport!

JC: Who inspires and motivates you?

TA: My tribe that I surround myself with. My mother, my siblings, my close friends that I confide in. They motivate me. We are each other’s cheerleaders, and there’s just no better feeling to me than succeeding in something and having a strong unit behind you to turn back and celebrate with.

JC: Love your style on and off the course how would you describe it?

TA: I’d like to think that I’m the Beyonce of golf. Lol. Jokes! Well sorta. Haha. Often time’s people tell me I have a lot of “swag” on and off the course. So I’m going to go with that.

I want to thank Tisha for taking the time to share her story with me and ending this series for the year with a POP of positive energy. She is a great example of what can happen when you take a leap and pursue a dream. The purpose is of the Dream Chasers Series is to motivate and inspire and hopefully, the amazing people we have interviewed did that for YOU. 2019 is on deck the time to plan how to attack it is now! Follow Tisha on social media and see what she has cooking for the year.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tishaalyn/ and https://www.instagram.com/forehersports/

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