It Is Time To Change The March Madness Format

The Definition of Evolution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth… To grow, or the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. When I ponder the lack of evolution in sports, I think of NCAA Basketball and March Madness. The first few rounds of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament has literally become unwatchable.

According to Sports Business Daily, college basketball’s regular season ratings are down drastically. No one is watching college basketball until the conference championships and the NCAA tournament begins. Conversely, college football regular season ratings are soaring. There is no secret as to why college football is thriving… every game means something. With the new playoff format if a team loses one or two games, their chances of making the Final Four Football playoffs are drastically decreased.

Every regular season game in college football is “Must Watch TV.

So, how do we change the current March Madness format? First, we have to look at the facts. The little guy or “Cinderella” never has a  realistic chance to win. Only 1 time in the history of the tournament has a team ranked 8th or higher won the championship. (That team was Villanova, in 1985).So, the truth of the matter is, the lower seeds never win a title. This year’s Final Four teams are ranked #1 Gonzaga, #1 North Carolina, #3 Oregon and #7 South Carolina. Here is what the Sports Whisperer proposes to make college basketball better

Change the format from 68 teams, to 32 teams. You have 4 brackets of 8 teams and make it double elimination. This way you are getting the same or more games in the tournament and you won’t lose advertising revenue. Also, by limiting the field to 32 teams, the regular season now becomes more important. Each game will be more scrutinized and more viewers will watch. As it stands now if you lose 5-8 games you will still get in the tourney. But with this new format, when a team has 3 or 4 losses every game after that becomes a “must win.”

I haven’t bought into the hype of march madness for years. It is time to bring back the importance of the regular season and higher quality of play in the tournament. After all, it has done wonders for college football. It is time to evolve as fans and demand more from college hoops.

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