Tim Tebow to return to the NFL?


By: Caleb Luketic

Tim Tebow may not be completely finished with the NFL. According to the Boston Globe, Tim Tebow may possibly make a comeback at the NFL Veteran Combine on March 22nd. This will be the first ever Veteran Combine coming up in March, and there are many other former NFL players looking to make a comeback. Tim Tebow has been working with former Major League Baseball pitcher Tom House. Tom House is now a quarterback trainer and has worked with Tom Brady and Drew Brees, so he obviously knows what he is doing. Tebow and House have been working on Tebow’s throwing mechanics because scouts and coaches say that his form is unconventional.

The 27 year-old Tebow would be given another chance at the NFL with this NFL Veteran Combine. Everyone thought that Tebow was finished when he was cut in 2013 by the Patriots, but I still think that he has some quarterbacking left in him. Tebow is a fantastic quarterback, and I don’t care what anyone says because he wins games. Tebow may not have the most perfect mechanics, but does it really matter how he looks when he throws the ball? The answer, no it does not matter how someone throws the ball. It matters if you win games, and Tebow has proven he can do just that.

If Tebow isn’t wanted at the quarterback position, Tebow needs to consider playing halfback or tight end because he is a freak athlete. He is so athletic that he would have no problem adjusting to either position. If you are the Texans, Browns, Jaguars, Titans, Jets, Bills, Chiefs, Eagles, or Buccaneers, you need to seriously consider signing Tebow because what do you have to lose by signing him? These teams are already looking for quarterback help, so what is the worst that could happen? I’ll tell you, the worst is that he will be a bust and not do anything, just like any quarterback has the potential to do. But the upside far outweighs the downside because of Tebow’s athletic ability.

Imagine if the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly got ahold of Tebow. Chip Kelly could use Tebow for so many things that would confuse defenses and it would make that offense that much more dynamic. They, and any other team for that matter, could use Tebow for some type of a goal line package. That package would be unstoppable in a goal line situation because Tebow can pound the ball in or throw the ball. Any team that doesn’t go after Tebow is flat out stupid. If you give Tebow a chance, he will shine like he has done on numerous occasions in the past.

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