Three NBA trades that won’t happen but we wish would!

By: Sean Connolly

In the NBA, major trades don’t happen often, but, when they do, they rock the landscape of the league for years to come.  These trades probably won’t happen, but they would really shake up the title race this year in the NBA. For this article we won’t look at trades that are being rumored (Dwight Howard to Heat), but rather trades that could work that no one has mentioned.


Trade 1:
Cleveland Cavaliers receive: Blake Griffin PF, J.J. Redick SG
Los Angeles Clippers receive: Kevin Love PF, Iman Shumpert SG

Why this trade would work: 
The Cavs are the favorite to come out of the Eastern Conference, but they have one problem: they cannot defend Golden State when they go small.  This trade would allow a lineup of Kyrie Irving, J.J. Redick, J.R. Smith, Lebron James, and Blake Griffin when Golden State goes small.  Kevin Love’s defensive problems in the small ball lineup are gone, and the Cavs add an elite shooter, while Los Angeles gets a stretch 4 to space the floor for Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. They also get the wing defender they have been looking for who can shoot threes at a decent percentage.


Trade 2:
Toronto Raptors receive: Greg Monroe PF/C, Tyler Ennis PG
Milwaukee Bucks receive: Cory Joseph PG, Patrick Patterson PF, NYK 1st round pick via Toronto

Why this trade would work:
Milwaukee seems to have just been a money destination for Greg Monroe.  If recent reports are to be believed, Monroe wants out now that he has his big contract.  The Bucks would be in rebuild mode with this trade with two possible high lottery picks and their own pick and the Knicks pick.  The Raptors would get the big time player they have been looking for to challenge the Cavs.  Monroe would provide another scoring option in the post that the Raptors need.


Trade 3:
Boston Celtics receive: Zach Randolph PF, Matt Barnes SF
Memphis Grizzlies receive: David Lee PF, 1st round pick

Why this trade would work:
The Grizzlies continue to dump salary and get assets with this deal.  With Marc Gasol’s injury, the Grizzlies seem to have given up on this season.  The Grizzlies clear cap space to go after Kevin Durant or Al Horford and also get a pick to help the rebuild process.  The Celtics would be making a push to challenge the Cavs and Raptors without giving up all the valuable assets that they have. Zach Randolph can provide as close to a star the Celtics can trade for if the Cavs and Kings continue to decline to trade Kevin Love and Demarcus Cousins respectively.  Randolph brings valuable playoff experience and another scoring option that Danny Ainge has been seeking all season long. Matt Barnes would be another valuable veteran that the Celtics could use on Lebron James from time to time.


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