The Protectors of MLB

Protectors MLB

The Protectors of MLB do not look kindly on anyone messing with The National Pastime.

They made Bud Selig and some of MLB’s top stars gravel in front of them a few years ago and it got so serious that all of the sudden Sammy Sosa forgot how to speak English.

The Protectors of MLB basically held very public hearings to tell Bud Selig,

“You better clean your house or…we’ll clean it for you!”


And MLB has been busting its’ hump ever since trying to get rid of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Baseball.

There is no other sport on the planet which will make government rally together any faster than Baseball.

The Protectors of MLB tagged Roger Maris’ legacy with an asterisk for eternity and black balled Pete Rose for the rest of his natural life.

They’ve allowed Mark McGwire to earn a living as a batting coach, but…The Hall is definitively off the table!

So, it’s for Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemens…among others!

The wild card in this scenario in my opinion is Alex Rodriguez.

New York Daily News

It was proven without a shadow of doubt that Alex Rodriguez used Performance Enhancing Drugs and even though A-Rod has manage to repair his damaged image still…

Protectors MLB
Sports Illustrated

Will The Protectors of MLB give him a pass and allow him to be enshrined  into the Hall of Fame?

If so, then…How can you continue to deny Pete Rose, MLB’s Hit King enshrinement?

Kostya Kennedy via Amazom

If this ever occurs…I can not wait to hear the explanations!

Written Julio Olmo


MLBSeat Geek

Those seats are not going to buy themselves!


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