The Patriots Are Cleaning House

Patriots Cleaning House

The Patriots are cleaning house as free agency begins today. The Patriots have lost Malcolm Butler, Danny Amendola, Nate Solder, and Dion Lewis. They have something going on whether it’s the players don’t like the strict rules Belichick brings or that they can’t have fun. It’s no question though the rumors involving the Patriots are true. First let’s look at Tom Brady who has completely built his brand this season. The TB12 method between the meal plans to the workouts has worked for him and many other players. Only one problem Alex Guerrero is not allowed inside the locker room and has to go in the Brady suite at Gillette Stadium to give Brady treatment.

Secondly all the players are complaining about they aren’t having fun. Rob Gronkowski told Amendola on Instagram “It was a honor playing with ya the past 5 years @dannyamendola Thanks for all the hugs and memories! Stay lit, Be FREE, Be HAPPY. Your hard work, the way you play at your size, the pain you fought through, the hits you take and get right back up talking shit back. I appreciated it all. Congrats. Enjoy Miami kid.” Notice how be FREE is all capital letters and HAPPY. That must mean Amendola like Gronk and other players aren’t happy with the Patriots. Also Tom Brady said “well said Gronk.” It’s pretty clear how everyone feels at One Patriot Place.

The money was only part of the issue Amendola saying he wanted to be a Patriot a moth ago at Bryant University wasn’t true. He wanted one to get paid and two get away from the Belichick team. I say if you don’t want to win and want fun go somewhere else, if you want to win Super Bowl’s and not Division titles then go to the Patriots. Everything is coming out now all the drama at One Patriot Place. We still don’t know about Gronk’s future. The only thing they’ve done so far is sign Rex Burkhead who almost ended Brady’s season.

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