No Kneeling In The NFL: Based 100% On A Donald Trump Lie

San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid (35) and quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) kneel during the national anthem in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, Sept. 12, 2016. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP)
The NFL has implemented a new National Anthem Rule. Players who come onto the field are required to stand for the national anthem, or the team will be assessed a 15-yard penalty. However, players and personnel who choose not to stand for the anthem can remain in the locker room until the anthem is performed.
The NFL has made this rule, based on absolute lies. Donald Trump said that the “Son of Bitches” who kneel during the National Anthem were disrespecting the flag and our veterans. This is 100% inaccurate. No one who kneels is protesting our veterans or our flag. Led by Colin Kaepernick, the players who kneel are trying to bring about change for social injustices and police brutality, peacefully.
Not one player is publicly disrespecting our flag or veterans. Here is what Mr. Trump has done in his past, which, some might say, is beyond offensive. 
  • Trump got 5 deferments for so called “Bone Spurs” instead of joining our military.
  • Trump said on Howard Stern’s show, “My Vietnam was not getting a sexually transmitted diseases during the 1960’s and 70’s”. 
  • Trump blocked Vote For Vets.  This is an organization that has over 125,000 followers on Twitter and is very active on  social media. 
Kaepernick has raised millions of dollars and donated that money to organizations who will help fight inequality. He did this peacefully, he didn’t raise his voice, he didn’t scream and yell, all he did was take a knee. The former 49ers quarterback is the definition of a a hero. He risked everything… money, fame, and his career to bring about change and he is slowly doing it. Many athletes refuse to talk about social injustices or racism in our nation, because they fear the blow-back and may lose their corporate sponsors. “Kap” has walked the walk and talked the talk.
What the NFL is doing here is an absolute disgrace to freedom of expression and the hypocrisy is mind boggling. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hired defensive lineman Gregg Hardy a few years ago. This was after Hardy brutally assaulted his ex girlfriend and threatened to kill her. The photos below were taken from Deadspin. According to reports, Hardy threw his ex on a bed full of semi-automatic weapons and said he was going to kill her. Jones signed Hardy to a lucrative contract and said he was a natural leader of his team.
So let us summarize. In the NFL, you can brutally beat your wife, girlfriend, or kids. You can drink and drive, you can take drugs and steroids, but if you peacefully protest, the team will be penalized.
Half of the local TV stations don’t even cover the singing of the National Anthem anymore because they use that time to make more profits, by airing commercials. The only time you see the National Anthem live, is during big games or the playoffs.
This is not about being a Republican, and Independent or a Democrat. This is about the NFL owners choosing to agree with a lie that the Trump administration has put forth, based on ZERO EVIDENCE. If the NFL cared about their players they would explain to all their fans that every team member does a ton of charity work for veterans.  Peacefully protesting is what EVERY VETERAN fought and some died for. It is our right.
By enacting this rule,The owners  are the ones disrespecting our veterans, our flag, our rights as Americans and our freedoms.
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  1. I believe Kaepernick was extremely racist by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Why was he only concerned about injustice of colored people and not all people? It’s this kind of behavior that has no place in America.

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