The Next Patriots?

Odell Beckham came out earlier this week and said he’s determined in turning the Browns “into the new Patriots.” Since then he has clarified that he was not saying they will be the next Patriots. However, he does have high aspirations and wants to win multiple championships while in a Browns uniform.

This leaves the question: will anyone ever replicate the Patriots dynasty?

To answer this question, you have to determine what a dynasty is. I consider a dynasty to be a team that dominates the league for at least five years and wins at least three championships.

The Patriots dynasty began in 2001, Brady’s first year as a starter when they beat the greatest show on turf in Super Bowl 36. Since then they have won five more Super Bowls and have been to nine total. The dynasty is now 220-68 since Brady took over.
There are some dynasties that compete with the Patriots

The Dallas Cowboys from 1991-1996 made the playoffs every season and won all 3 Super Bowls they appeared in. Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin were the fuel to their offensive dominance. While this dynasty was a force to be reckoned with, they only lasted six seasons.

The Pittsburgh Steelers from 1972-1979 made the playoffs eight times and won all 4 of their Super Bowl appearances. Behind the Steel Curtain and Bradshaw’s big arm, they ran the league for eight years. However, much like the Cowboys, they couldn’t stay on top as long as other dynasties.

The Green Bay Packers from 1960-1967 may have been the most dominant dynasty with them winning six championships in 8 years. They are the reason the Super Bowl trophy is named the Lombardi trophy. Once again, it did not last as long as others.

The 49ers from 1981-1994 are the closest thing to the Patriots dynasty. They had both longevity and dominance. They managed 12 playoff appearances and went 5 for 5 in the Super Bowl. The most significant differences between the two are that the Niners had two different QBs in Montana and Young, they didn’t last as long, and the Patriots have been to 9 Super Bowls while the Niners only went to 5.

The dynasties listed above never had to deal with the salary cap (except the Cowboys halfway through it), so it was much easier retaining good teams back then that it is now. This is why there were so many great dynasties before 1994 compared to now.

Sure some dynasties have been just as dominant as the Patriots and in some cases, more. However, none have ever stood as long as the Patriots have and most likely never will. The longevity is what makes their dynasty so great. It has gone on for 18 years and could go on for at least another 3-4, or maybe even longer. They also have matched the most number of franchise Super Bowl victories in history in only 18 years.

We have never seen a dynasty as great as the one we are witnessing now and we most likely never will again. Odell and many others can talk about winning multiple championships all they want, but they do not realize how difficult this task is and how much work has to be done year in and year out.

So the final answer is, no. We will never see a franchise be able to dominate this era of football as the Patriots have.

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