The Loudmouth Redskins

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Josh Norman went on the Rich Eisen show last week and said the Redskins should put Giants GM Dave Gettleman on salary. Norman was obviously poking fun at the questionable decisions Gettleman has made this offseason.

The Redskins have been able to obtain three players from the hands of Gettleman. Norman joined the Redskins shortly after Gettleman withdrew the franchise tag on him while in Carolina. Landon Collins was pushed to the curb after this season. Finally, Haskins was drafted by Washington after the Giants decide on Daniel Jones over him.

Does this mean Josh Norman was right when he talked about Gettleman? Absolutely not, the Redskins are one of the last teams that should be talking about another franchise’s mistakes.

Here are the reasons why it is ridiculous for Norman and the Redskins to be talking badly about another team.

Norman is more of a problem than anything

With Bershaund Breeland set to be the #1 CB going into the 2016 season, the Redskins needed a CB desperately. Luckily the best CB from 2015 came on the market when his franchise tag was withdrawn.

The Redskins quickly got on the phone with Norman and got him to FedEx field where they offered him a five year $75,000,000 contract. With a signature, Norman became the highest paid CB in the NFL.

Three years later Norman has nowhere near lived up to the money the Redksins are dishing out. From being the best CB in the league to not even the best on your team is a drastic dropoff. Dunbar, before being injured last season, was playing at a higher level than Norman.

Pro Football Focus had Norman ranked as the 50th best CB in 2018. So exactly why does he feel he has the right to talk smack about another team, simple answer, he doesn’t.

Redskins front office is just as bad if not worse

It comes to no surprise when I say the Redskins do not have a good front office. They continually make questionable moves that leave fans shaking their heads.

This offseason, I will give credit where credit is due, and that is to their front office. However, having one good offseason does not make an organization successful. A team needs to put together multiple ones in order to be successful, and the Redskins have not proven in the past to put together numerous good offseasons.

Until they figure out the recipe for success, the Redskins should focus more on finding that recipe rather than talking bad about another organization.

Redskins finished 3rd in the NFC East

Most teams that talk about their division rivals have earned the right to. Even those teams that do dominate their divisions still keep quiet most of the time. No one ever hears the Patriots talking about how bad any other team in the AFC East is.

The Redskins have no room to talk about anyone in the NFC East. They went 2-4 in divisional games this past season. They split the series between the Giants, but honestly, the Giants blew them out 40-16 in the second matchup so it would be more fitting if the Giants were talking smack to the Redskins.


Overall, the Redskins need to keep their mouth shut and focus on getting better. As for Norman, he should be more worried about not getting cut this season than talking about the Giants offseason moves.

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