The Injury-Prone Redskins

The news broke Monday that Ruben Foster looks to have torn his ACL. They also said he has possibly damaged other ligaments in his knee. Injuries like these are tough because they do not only affect a player for the current season but can have lingering effects on their career.

Injuries are not new to the Redskins. In the last two seasons, they have dealt with 47 players going on injured reserved. Many hoped this season would be different. If it is going to be, they are off to a bad start.

Last season the Redskins started 6-3, and many fans were looking forward to watching them play in January. However, the season drastically shifted after Alex Smith went down with a gruesome leg injury. The injury has already sidelined him for the upcoming season. They ended up finishing 1-5.

Smith was not the only QB to break his leg. McCoy briefly took the reigns after Smith went down. Two weeks later, McCoy too broke his leg. Other big named players that went on the IR list were Brandon Scherff, Paul Richardson, and Derrius Guice.

Outside of players being on IR, many avoided the list, but were continuously hurt throughout the season and missed multiple games. This can make it difficult for a team to build chemistry due to the lineup changing every week.

Even when Smith was playing, and they started 6-3, the offense looked very much out of sync. Smith struggled to get on page with his receivers because they had a difficult time staying healthy and on the field.

Some fans speculate the injuries are from bad luck in which almost every DC sports team deals with. This year the Redskins had Smith and many others, the Wizards had John Wall and Dwight Howard, and the Caps had Oshie go down in the playoffs. It seems no matter what, DC teams are destined never to escape the grasps of injuries.

Other fans say the front office needs to be more active in preventing injuries. Even though injuries are usually due to bad luck, there are steps a team can take to help prevent them.

One step is to hire a high-end training staff that knows what they are doing. Some trainers know various exercises/stretches a player can do to help prevent injuries or maybe even diets that help the body function at a higher level.

Another solution is to make sure the team has top of the line field conditions. This, to me, is what the Redskins need to do. FedEx field is often in a poor state. When I went to a couple of games, I thought to myself, “how can a professional team be playing on a field that is this bad?” I can honestly say that I played on better fields back when I played football in high school.

The Vikings kicker and former Redskin Kai Forbath told Pioneer Press in 2017 that “It’s dirt and they spray paint it green” and that “it’s just not good grass.’’ This alone is cause for concern and puts many players at risk of injury.

I hope one day, Dan Snyder comes to his senses and will care more about the safety of his players rather than the money in his bank account.

If the Redskins can somehow avoid the injury bug this season, I believe they have a real chance at winning their division. However, saying they will is a whole lot easier said than done.

Ryan Cooley
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