The Future Of MLB

By: Chandler Ragsdale
Do you ever like to imagine about new expansion teams in sports, such as what their name would be, or where they would be located? I do, and I have five teams that you could see soon coming to a city near you!
1. Carolina Blue Sox- This one really excites me, being that I am originally from the Charlotte area. I can see this one being the most realistic possibility, due to the fact that I don’t think that the Tampa Bay Rays will stay put. I predict that eventually they’ll move to Charlotte, and this will be the team. It makes a lot of sense, and it also helps that they can stay in the AL East. We already have the White and Red Sox, and the state of North Carolina is known for its beautiful blue skies, to go along with the two shades of blue that already divide the state between Duke and UNC. The main color will be Tar heel blue, with a nice navy blue as the secondary color.
2. San Antonio Rattlers– The Spurs are already a huge hit in San Antonio, and I don’t see why a MLB team wouldn’t be. The fans there are very supportive, and this would make for an even more competitive AL West. A Rattler seems like the perfect mascot to me for a team located here, and I give this team a nice orange for their primary color, and black for a secondary. The logo for this team interests me the most. I like to envision an open mouth of a snake on the caps of this team, so watch out Houston and Rangers fans.
3. Omaha Tornadoes- I think it’s about time that Omaha Nebraska gets their own MLB team. They host the College World Series already, so we know there’s a high interest for baseball. I like the name Tornadoes for this team due to the fact that Omaha is in the Midwest, and tornadoes, as we know, are pretty common there. I give this team the primary color of a light brown, to go along with a secondary color of red. They would play in an already weakened AL Central.
4. Jacksonville Jets– Jacksonville is just a nice, relatively quiet city in the beautiful state of Florida. I don’t see the Jaguars winning anything anytime soon, so why not give them some hope and a new team to pull for with an expansion MLB team? We’ve got to keep the J’s in order here, and the Jets is the best name that I could think of. But hey, if they can play good baseball, who cares? I give this team the honor of playing in the NL East, and they get purple for their primary color accompanied with gold as their secondary.
5. Cooperstown Greats– This team needs no introduction, because they are the best of the best. Obviously this isn’t a realistic possibility here on earth, but it does get us to think about the question, “Is there baseball in heaven?” And a man can dream, right? There have been many great players to play this game, and we can appreciate them all. So, send me your lineup card and starting rotation/bullpen for this team (who you think are the best players of all time are), and I will tally up who wins and gets to start on this team for us, on my next article.

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