The Dysfunctional Lakers

You know it is bad when Knicks and 76ers fans are laughing at the Los Angeles Lakers.In my first article “Olympus is Falling… The State of the Lakers Part 1” I wrote that

Kobe Bryant’s contract is the worst contract in the history of the NBA.

Bryant is the highest paid player in the league. He makes $25 million. LeBron James is second making $22 million per year. Lakers fans came out in full force to criticize me on my radio show (The Monte Cristo Sports Thing, Thursday’s at 7pm on WRNJ Radio) and on Twitter. But, lets look at the facts.

  • Bryant has played in 6, 35 and 58 games over the past three seasons.
  • Bryant  is shooting 35% from the floor… That is ranked 119th in the NBA.
  • Bryant is shooting 28% from the floor…That is ranked 142nd in the NBA.
  • Bryant is averaging 16.9 points per game… That is ranked 40th in the NBA.
  • Bryant is averaging 3.9 rebounds per game… That is ranked 135th in the NBA.
  • Bryant is averaging 3.0 assists per game…That is ranked 65th in the NBA.

As you can clearly see, Bryant is not in the top 10 in any category, yet he makes the most money. This contract was a colossal mistake on every level .

In part 2 of Olympus is Falling I wrote about what a mistake it was to hire Byron Scott as the Lakers head coach

. Over the past 5 years Scott has a record of 101-286

. Bill Parcells once said, “You are what your record is.”  Scott’s record speaks for itself. He has been a losing coach for years. He is not the answer and the Lakers should fire him 5 minutes after the season is over. One of the most disturbing moments during Scotts run as Lakers coach came when Bryant shot 4-22 in a game. A reporter asked Scott if Kobe was shooting too much. Scott’s response,

“Kobe has earned the right to shoot as many times as he wants, I would never tell him not to shoot.”

In a recent game against the Golden State Warriors Gregg Popovich benched Tim Duncan, Why? because he said it gave the Spurs the best chance to win. Allowing Kobe to put up shot after shot has been Scott’s greatest downfall as a coach. Instead of developing young players he has catered to Bryant and encouraged him to do what he wants. The Lakers from top to bottom have been more concerned about Kobe’s Farewell tour than winning games.

Part III of Olympus is Falling:


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D’Angelo Russell’s made a lot of rookie mistakes on the court. But none were greater than what he did off the court.  Russell recorded teammate Nick Young admitting to cheating on his fiancée (rapper Iggy Azalea) and the video went viral. Last night the Lakers booed Russell from start to finish. What Russell did was 100% wrong and immature, there is no denying that. Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dan Le Batard said almost verbatim what I Tweeted when the video came out. The Lakers fans are honoring Kobe every night but Bryant told police reporters, “ I should have just paid women to keep quiet like Shaquille O’Neal does.” No one was angry when he said this…Why? Where is the outrage for Young, AKA Swaggy P, for cheating on his fiancée? Russell has now lost the locker room and there is rumors that no one talks to him before or after practices. Players have a “guy code” and he clearly broke their trust. Some reporters are even saying that  Russell should be traded.

It is time for Jeanie Buss to come in and clean house. That also means firing her brother Jerry Buss and long time general manager Mitch Kupchak. Like I said in the beginning… You know it is bad when two incompetent organizations like the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers are  looking at the Lakers and questioning what they are doing.

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