The BIG3 Weekly Recap – Salt Lake City

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All images licensed by Getty Images and BIG3
All images licensed by Getty Images and BIG3
BIG3 is a professional 3-on-3 basketball league, featuring former National Basketball Association (NBA) and international players. The league was created by rapper/actor Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz.

By: Julio Olmo

The BIG3 basketball leagues knows, now halfway into Season 3 – that it has a very successful product.

With this mindset the BIG3 seems determined to continue to expose more people to their product and will not – under absolutely any circumstance, allow their fan base to be price out.

You can not put a value on the kind of positive vibes, the BIG3 has created.

All images licensed by Getty Images and BIG3

And that brings us their first visit ever to Vivint Home Smart Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“We want to be a part of everyone’s summer,”, Ice Cube said and continued, “Salt Lake has always had swag to me…So to me, it’s a no-brainer…I think it has a stigma but every time I’ve come there, they’ve always come out even more than some of the cities you think they would come out in. So, I’ve always felt like whenever I hear something said about Salt Lake City, I’m like these people have never been there, obviously, because I’ve always had a great response and great enthusiasm every time I’ve hit the scene with a show, so I expect the same thing with this Big 3.”


Triplet’s Joe Johnson and Al Jefferson returned to Utah with a big win over Ball Hogs, combining for 33 points. As the Triplet’s reclaim the BIG3’s top spot, their record is now 5 – 1. 

Iso Joe continues to dominate play, he scored 21 points – including another 4-point shot!, as Triplets cruised to a 51 – 34 victory.


Killer 3’s well-rounded attack, led by Stephen Jackson, CJ Watson and Donte Greene, was not enough to stop 3’s Company after Andre Emmett’s monster performance. 

Led by Andre Emmett, 3’s Company had a tremendous second half, outscoring Killer 3’s by 14. In a game that meant a lot to both teams’ playoff hopes, Killer 3’s eventually fell 51-41 and 3’s Company went on to win its third straight game.

Salt Lake City’s final matchup featured two squads hungry for a win. Without Will Bynum, Bivouac struggled early but efforts from Josh Smith and Anthony Morrow were the difference. The pair combined for 37 points but it came down to a final game-winning shot from Josh Smith.

Aliens made a comeback late but ultimately couldn’t find the right match-up with Josh Smith.


The BIG3 Weekly Recap Season 3 – Each City

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