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BIG3 is a professional 3-on-3 basketball league, featuring former National Basketball Association (NBA) and international players. The league was created by rapper/actor Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz.

By: Julio Olmo

The three-on-three league made its Miami debut at the American Airlines Arena in its second year.

So, this was a homecoming-reunion event for a good number of the BIG3 Basketball Family at American Airlines Arena.

  • Birdman – recovering from injury & Mario Chalmers won NBA titles for Miami Heat

  • Coach Gary Payton also brought a title to Heat Nation.

  • Amar’e Stoudemaire last NBA games were for the Miami Heat.

”It’s always good when you’re connected to an area and have a fanbase, especially when you played in that arena,” said Jim Jackson, also former Miami Heat player during the 2001-02 season who now serves as a basketball analyst for Fox Sports.

Ice Cube’s goal is right on track to eventually have the BIG3 stand as an offseason complement to the NBA.

“We just hope one day players can go and they can play in the NBA in the winter and the fall and play for us in the summer, and go back to play in the NBA in the winter or fall,” Ice Cube, “That’s, to me, where we see the league in the future, as a place to keep your game, keep your tools sharp, instead of having to go to summer league and play with glorified amateurs. So we always envisioned that.”

“We’ve always seen this as a vehicle for players to showcase their talent,” the co-founder of the Big3 continued, “We figured scouts at home would be watching the Big3, even if was just for interest, alone. So we knew guys who might not get a look or get the right kind of look in a camp or in a workout can really show what he can do when the lights are on and against some great basketball players, against some savvy vets. So, yeah, it was always to me a no-brainer that players would go from the Big3, some would get invited back to the NBA. And we have an open policy for that. We want our players to get back in the NBA. We want the best for our players. So if it’s getting back in the NBA, we’re definitely going to give them our blessings on that.”

The fact is that all of those who considered the BIG3 just to be a passing novelty are scrambling in their approach to the league now.

The BIG3 ‘s 3-on-3 half court basketball played on a competitive level is trending and is a runaway hit.


Power looked to be cruising to a win in Miami and clinching a playoff spot as they were up 27-20 at halftime. But, Nate Robinson, Jason Richardson and Amar’e Stoudemire led an impressive comeback that ended with a Nate Robinson 3-point and-1 shot.

Tri-State falls to 3-4 with an outside shot at making the playoffs if they win next week in Dallas, while Power still needs just one more win to shore up its spot.


The 3 Headed Monsters used a dynamic offensive approach as Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and Rashard Lewis were the only players in double figures.

Mario Chalmers returned home to Miami hitting a huge 4-point shot and pushed 3 Headed Monsters forward as the game went on.

Enemies were stuck offensively as Craig Smith was their only player to reach double figures. Enemies suffered a huge loss and now desperately need a win next week to keep their playoff hopes alive.


In a hard-fought back-and-forth game between two teams needing a win to keep playoff dreams alive, Ghost Ballers took command early against Trilogy. The recently acquired Chris Johnson gave Trilogy problems in the pick-and-roll and was a huge difference in the game.

As the game went on, Trilogy fought back to make it close as Samardo Samuels did a lot of damage down low. But, Ghost Ballers were able to seal the deal in the closest of the three Miami games.


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