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Images licensed by Getty Images and BIG3
Images licensed by Getty Images and BIG3
BIG3 is a professional 3-on-3 basketball league, featuring former National Basketball Association (NBA) and international players. The league was created by rapper/actor Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz.

By: Julio Olmo

Ice Cube has done a lot of things in his career, but starting a sports league has been truly legendary.

Using his clout and connections to organize a competitive 3-on-3 basketball league and also to be able to maintaining it to move in the right direction has been simply amazing.

“It has been a journey. It’s not easy to make a league last…It has been 20 years since a league has come out nowhere and stuck…We’re proud to be in our third year and we now the odds were against us to get here”, Ice Cube continued, “A lot people had misconceptions that this was a celebrity game or pick up…That’s never what we envisioned. We knew that the first year would be rough because guys were not in shape and didn’t know what it was. The league has grown and now it’s really about exposing it to a number people and making it popular.”


I know it has been only three years and it probably feels like thirty, but you done good Ice.

Always knew BIG3 Basketball was going to be special.


Will Bynum scored a BIG3 league record 33 points in his return to Chicago for Bivouac.

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3’s was also had great game, but they didn’t have enough offense to combat the pairing of Josh Smith and hometown hero, Will Bynum.

In a game that meant a lot to both teams’ playoff hopes, Killer 3’s fell 51  42 to Bivouac.


Another set hometown heroes showed out as Power’s Corey Maggette, Quentin Richardson, Julian Wright and Carlos Boozer made up 42 of Power’s 50 points.

Enemies started off strong but couldn’t hold onto a lead as Power continued to create space off of their switches and rotations.

Power goes to 5-1 on the season as Enemies take a backseat in the playoff race with two games to go before playoffs.


In a must win scenario for both teams, Ghost Ballers and Mike Taylor took advantage early and never let up.

The game started with a Mike Bibby 4-point shot and Tri-State, even with the return of Nate Robinson, weren’t able to stop the dynamic inside-and-out game that Ghost Ballers now have with Chris Johnson.

Ghost Ballers, who were once on the outside looking in, now look like a serious late-season threat to build momentum and possibly make the playoffs.


Celebrities in attendance at the BIG3 games included Richard Dent, Twista, Demarcus Cousins, Don Brumfield and Ryan Henry from Black Ink Crew.


The BIG3 Weekly Recap Season 3 – Each City

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