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Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders have been a team that has made a lot of noise this offseason. Sadly, it’s not all good noise. They have signed many questionable players this offseason. They also had a couple of head scratching draft picks.

Jon Gruden signed a 10 year/ $100,000,000 contract in 2018. The Raiders hoped this would bring them back to a winning culture, but that has yet to come true. Instead, people are asking if Jon Gruden even has a plan rather than being optimistic about the future.

Things got kicked off last offseason when Gruden traded Khalil Mack to the Bears and then Amari Cooper to the Cowboys in the middle of the season. Many people had a problem with those trades, but I didn’t.

In both, they managed to get a first round pick, and both players had a very high chance of hitting free agency anyway. The Raiders are not a very wealthy team compared to others, so it would have been difficult to pay Mack what he wanted.

My concerns came to this offseason. In March they traded for troublesome WR in Antonio Brown and then LB Vontaez Burfict. Burfict has been an embarrassment to the NFL. Since 2013 he has been fined ten times and suspended three times for a total of 10 games. There have been many times when Burfict escaped what should have been a suspension. Many people, including myself, believe Burfict should be banned from the NFL from the disgusting acts he’s displayed.

If Burfict wasn’t bad enough, they just recently signed guard Richie Incognito. Incognito has had significant issues both on and off the field his whole career. He was the center of racial bullying while with Miami. Last year at a funeral, he said he wanted his dad’s head cut off for apparent “research.” He walked through the funeral home, punching caskets and throwing things. Incognito was found to have two handguns and a rifle in his truck at the time.

This is the type of player the Raiders just signed. A player that should be in a mental institution rather than on a football field.

If Gruden wanted to create a winning culture, he is doing a terrible job of it. He instead is building a different culture with players that shouldn’t even be in the NFL. It also comes to no surprise that Burfict is already suspended the first four games of the upcoming season.

I am not sure what kind of plan Gruden has, or if he has one at all. The situation in Oakland seems to get worse every day. On top of all this, they are favorites to be on HBO’s Hard Knocks. The last thing they need is for all of their problems to be magnified on TV.

Overall I do not have much faith in Gruden and the Raiders going into the upcoming season. I think they have too many troubled players on their roster that will cause a lot of adversity throughout the season.

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