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By: Patrick Waring

As mentioned in a recent article, the NFL season will be starting soon. Sunday will be considered a holiday. Actually, Monday and Thursday night as well. The week will be filled with updates, fantasy football moves and trash talk amongst fans. I’m a fan of friendly trash talk, you just have to make sure you find the right people to engage with. Knowledgeable fans, nothing too personal and making sure you can take what you dish out.

Being a fan of the Washington Redskins has been tough. Only five playoff appearances since the 1991 Super Bowl win. A few good seasons sprinkled in with a lot of disappointment and heartache. Blame it on ownership, coaches, players or the “curse” placed on the team for the name. Either way, you can say my loyalty has been tested too often. I have always been taught to pick a team and stay with them. I choose to support the local teams. Doesn’t have to be the way to go, but it has been my plan.

What I don’t get is how fans can jump from team to team and still talk trash about the Skins. Or even insert any other team that has had their fair share of ups and downs. Numbers don’t lie, so criticism and trash talk is easy, but how can one talk when they always go with the winners?

Bandwagon fans have it easy. Go with the team that is winning, or set up to win, and jump ship when times get hard. The Seattle Seahawks have picked up a bunch of fans recently. Success brings that. The Green Bay Packers had tons of new support a little before that.

Speaking of the Seahawks, shout-out to my cousin Chris Warren. Warren is the second all time leading rusher for the franchise. Once he became a starter, he was a three time Pro Bowler and had four consecutive years of passing the 1,000 yard rushing mark. He was even nice enough to join the Cowboys later and inflict more punishment on my Redskins.

Football isn’t the only sport to have those type of fans. They are represented in all sports. NBA fans have followed LeBron James from Cleveland to Miami and back again. The Golden State Warriors have increased their fan base fresh off of a great season and championship. Kind of makes me laugh to hear “your team sucks!!!” from someone that is a temporary fan of another. Again, there are no written rules to being a fan, but should bandwagon fans be taken seriously in conversations?

I live in a transient area, so I have conversations with people that support their hometown teams. I get that and respect it. Some happen to be fans of teams that have had great success and are currently on hot streaks. But I know others that are from the area and have a track record of bouncing around and following winning situations. Fair or foul?

To quote Michael K. Williams as Omar in HBO’s The Wire, “A man got to have a code”.

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