We Talkin’ About Front Office

By: Patrick Waring

Allen Iverson back with the Philadelphia 76ers? Former Sixers and current SMU Coach Larry Brown thinks so. Last Week Brown said that he felt Iverson should be hired to work in the front office of the team that he once put on his back and dragged to the NBA Finals. Not a bad idea if you really think about it. Some may have questioned The Answer’s past practice habits or his off the court life, but you can’t deny that he loved the game and knew how to put the ball in the basket.  Iverson came alive when the lights came on and always gave Philly everything that he had. The ending may have not been what AI fans wanted, but in his prime he may have been the best pound for pound player in the history of the league. Maybe even in all of sports. If committed, I think this could be great for both sides. It would put Iverson back in the city that he gave so much to and it can keep him close to the game that took him to places that he never thought were possible. The 76ers would have a fan favorite and great basketball mind involved in future team decisions. Iverson is a legend and has influenced so many current players in the league.  There has been recent interest from Iverson on joining the Sixers organization and I think Brown’s endorsement should start some serious converstations in Philly.

Iverson averaged 26.7 pts and 6.2 assists per game in 14 NBA seasons. None greater than 2001, when he led the Sixers to the NBA Finals and won league MVP. Iverson is eligible for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame next year and shouldn’t have any problems going directly in.

The Sixers currently own the third pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft and Iverson has his No. 3 hanging in the rafters of the Wells Fargo Center. Sounds like good timing to me.

Patrick Waring
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