Takeaways from the Redskins Week 5 Loss

Washington Redskins
Patriots defensive tackle Danny Shelton sacks Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy at FedEx Field. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post )

By: Ryan Cooley

Yet again, the Redskins were competitive for the first half and then collapsed. No one expected them to win this game, or really it even to be close. The Patriots have the best defense in the league, and that was on full display Sunday.

Here are four takeaways from there week five loss.

Gruden’s Time is Up

Many fans wanted Gruden gone a while ago, and they may be getting their wishes this week. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen both left FedEx Field immediately after the game ended. This may be a sign of their frustration with Gruden or the state of the Redskins as a whole. Either way, there is a good chance Gruden’s key does not work come Monday morning.

I believe Gruden’s time in Washington should come to an end. After making the playoffs in 2015, the Redskins have gotten worse each season. Now with a 0-5 start, it is clear Gruden is unable to lead this team to success.

The search for a new head coach should begin soon. Sadly, since Dan Snyder purchased the team in 1999, there has been no success in finding one. Gruden, in his sixth season with Washington, is the only one to be employed as the head coach this long in the Snyder era.

The Pass Rush was Strong

Each week, the defensive front has improved. Coming into the year, I thought they could make a real splash. Montez Sweat and Ryan Kerrigan are getting pressure on QBs much more than they were in the first two games.

The interior line didn’t have a very good game against the run however. The Patriots RBs had 130 yds rushing. Johnathan Allen made some good plays, but they needed to be better against a team that was only ranked 23rd in rushing.

The Offensive Line is Getting Worse

What many saw as the weakest unit of this team was actually exceeding expectations to start the season. As the season has gone on, they seem to be losing momentum. They allowed McCoy to be sacked six times. On top of that, there was once again nothing impressive with the ground game. Peterson only averaged 2.6 yds/carry and has failed to rush for over 3 yds/carry in any game he has played in.

It has been five weeks, and there is no sign of Williams returning. With the situation this team is in, I don’t blame him for sitting at home. At this point, Washington should look to find his replacement because it seems like he is done with the burgundy and gold.

Haskins Should Start From Here on Out

The Redskins brutal schedule to start the year is now over. Four out of their five games have been against teams who were playing in the playoffs last year. The schedule will ease up, starting with the Miami Dolphins.

With the season pretty much over at this point, they may want to seriously consider letting Haskins take the reigns. The experience of playing in a game is usually the most beneficial way to develop a QB.

Starting McCoy or Keenum would not benefit the future of this team. On top of that, Keenum was dreadful his last two starts, and McCoy looked rough Sunday. If one of them were playing at a high level, I could understand keeping them as a starter, but them turning to Haskins would not hurt anything.Fight For Old DC

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