Playoff Perdictions

October 7, 2016 0

By: Chandler Ragsdale With the playoffs now in full swing and the ALDS and NLDS being set, here are my predictions for how all 4 of the 2016 Division Series will shape out. NLDS – […]

Rangers, Jays Ready for ALDS Act II

October 6, 2016 0

by Vinny Varvaro Webster defines revenge as: (1) to avenge (as oneself) usually by retaliating in kind or degree, or (2) to inflict injury in return for. These are powerful words, almost as powerful as the bats […]

ALDS: Texas-Toronto Renew Rivalry

October 6, 2016 0

So here we go again. Texas and Toronto face off in a rematch of last year’s ALDS. All eyes will be on both teams behavior as the two have become throwback bad blood rivals. What […]

MLB 20 Questions 7-12

March 1, 2016 0

By: Joe “Cartright” Cardoso   Part II of my MLB 2016 questions.   A few weeks ago, I asked questions about some of the teams that we all thought would be great last season, and […]

Who Will Win the AL East?

February 24, 2016 0

By: Chandler Ragsdale The American League East is one of the most historic divisions in baseball, with a combined 40 World Series titles in their history. That makes 40 out of the total 111 World […]

Bad Calls, Errors Galore & 1 Bat Flip

October 15, 2015 0

Written by: The Dark Knight of Sports LaShawn Encarnacion The 6-3 victory for the Toronto Blue Jays ended the series with the Texas Rangers and the American League Division Series and allow the team from […]

Home-Field? What Home-Field?

October 10, 2015 0

Written by: The Dark Knight of Sports LaShawn Encarnacion With the exception of the playoff veteran’s, the St. Louis Cardinals, ALL other playoff teams have lost at least one home game in the postseason. In […]

MLB Hunt for October heating up

August 27, 2015 0

Written By LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports: In the last several weeks since the All-Star Break for that matter, the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets, two franchises who were the most […]

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