Takuma Sato: Two-Time Indy 500 Winner

November 13, 2020 0

By: Zach Draves Sato Wins With Pride The greatest spectacle in auto racing wasn’t the same this time, but the tradition’s spirit was alive and well. That spirit carried over into Takuma Sato’s car. He […]

The Racist Toxic Masculinity of Colby Covington

October 3, 2020 0

By: Zach Draves The foul-mouthed malignant self-promotor is at it again. I am not talking about the obvious culprit, but one of his prominent acolytes. UFC fighter Colby Covington. The self-aggrandizing spiel he routinely perpetuates […]

Jack Johnson vs. Jim Jeffries: 110 Years Later

July 6, 2020 0

Jack Johnson was a fighter for civil rights before there was a movement. He was unapologetically black before it became a hashtag. He was swag before that became common in our modern-day vernacular. He also […]

NASCAR Still Needs To Act

June 25, 2020 0

By: Zach Draves Even as the FBI purports that a noose was not found in the garage of Bubba Wallace, the only full-time black driver in NASCAR who has been leading the charge for racial […]

Colin Kaepernick is owed an Apology

June 4, 2020 1

By: Zach Draves They called him unpatriotic. They called him a distraction. They called him anti-American. They called him a communist. They burned his jerseys. They torched their Nike gear that they will never get […]

Dear White People: Wake Up!

May 29, 2020 1

By: Zach Draves “A hundred years ago the American white men used to put on a white sheet and use a bloodhound against Negroes. Today they have taken off the white sheet and put on […]


May 12, 2020 0

The reason why Colin Kaepernick took a knee was caught on tape. (Courtesy: Al Jazerra) The reason why Malcolm Jenkins raised his fist was caught on tape. (Courtesy: Eagle Wire) The reason why the WNBA’s […]

Black Student Athletes in the Era of COVID-19

April 28, 2020 0

By: Zachary Draves The COVID-19 pandemic has forced this country to have a long-overdue conversation about race. Much like the levees in New Orleans that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, this present-day crisis has unveiled […]

Jackie Robinson and his Legacy’s Whitewashing

April 18, 2020 0

Covering Truth Whitewashing is a metaphorical term describing the practice of intentionally covering up the truth. Writers also use it as a way to water down the accomplishments and legacies of significant historical figures that […]

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