NFL 2017 Season Predictions

July 31, 2017 0

By Allan Erickson Welcome all-the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here- Football season! For this post, I will predict division champions, as well as wildcard spots in the NFC and AFC, and […]

Week 10 NFL Recap

November 16, 2016 0

Sometimes sports imitates life. No matter who you voted for, we can all agree, that half the country did not like the Republican Nominee and half the country did not like the Democratic nominee for […]

A Take on Cam Newton

February 9, 2016 0

By: Colton Wood Cam Newton was one game away from leading the Carolina Panthers to their first ever Super Bowl on Sunday. This game’s importance by far surpassed any game the newest NFL MVP ever […]

Patriots – Broncos Preview

January 22, 2016 0

By: Jeffrey Newholm In what’s being billed as the final Manning-Brady bowl ever, this Sunday the Patriots and the Broncos will match off in the AFC championship game to see who gets to advance to […]

He’s Good for Football

January 13, 2015 0

By: Mari C. Peyton Manning may not step up to the plate in the playoffs as of late (His record in the playoffs is a dismal 11-13), but, that doesn’t stop him from being an […]