Super easy snacks: double feature

By. Mar Butler

The super bowl is upon us and everyone is gearing up to get out or host a party to watch the biggest game of the season. This time of year is so exciting but also tends to be very stressful for those of us hosting these parties so this year I’m saying enough is enough let’s take things back to a simpler time with simpler recipes.

Preheat your oven to 375° and pull out a can of crescent rolls and about 16 hilshire farm lil’ cheddar smokies. Open, seperate and cut in half the crescent triangles to make smaller triangles.

Rinse, dry, and roll the lil’ smokies into each one of the triangles to form mini pigs-in-a-blanket a classic favorite that’s super easy to make and everyone enjoys!

Rinsing is key to a delicious fluffy crescent dough. Bake these for 12 minutes until nice and golden brown.

So good and so easy to make these fly off serving dishes to be sure to make a bunch!


On to the sweet…

Lower your oven down to 350° and mix together in a medium sized bowl 1 cup of peanut butter any type is okay I prefer jiffy extra crunchy, one cup of sugar and one egg.

Once it’s all mixed together well you should have enough to make a dozen rounded cookie balls. That are placed on a parchment lined baking sheet and then flattened with a fork.  Place in the oven and bake for about 11 mminutes they will look fluffy but will still be soft.

Let cool completely before removing from pan. And once cool enjoy these peanuty delicious treats at your super bowl party, another snack that everyone can enjoy! For more delicious treats and eats follow me on twitter @huddleupwithmar

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