Spotlight On Fitness: Whitney Johns

Introducing Whitney Johns


By: Joe Cardoso

Welcome back to an all-new edition of Spotlight On Fitness a column where we talk to the biggest names in the world of fitness and healthy living, as well as the new names you need to know. We hope to inspire and motivate you to get up and get moving! In our latest Q&, A, we meet a young lady who isn’t just searching for Instagram followers, she is helping people get the right mindset and body. It isn’t how you start but how you finish and learning along the journey, she has done that without a doubt. From trying every workout under the sun and having an eye for fashion. Coming at us from Idaho we introduce you to Whitney Johns! 

Whitney Johns

Joe Cardoso:  What lead you to this point we are at today? Entrepreneur, fitness model, trainer, etc

 Whitney Johns: I started out trying to figure out what the best career would be for me. I worked a number of different sales and marketing jobs, and I quickly realized that corporate office work was not for me. I later did some modeling and actor gigs and realized that wasn’t my full passion either. The main constant in my life was always fitness. It was still something I was very passionate about. I asked myself the question of what would I do what am I so passionate about that I would do it for free anyways? And the answer was ALWAYS fitness! So I decided to go all in. I worked three jobs while I studied to get my certifications. Once I had my certifications and started training people part-time while I was juggling other part-time work. Until I could build my clientele up to the point of training clients full-time, I did fitness modeling gigs and worked on the marketing side of things. Which allowed me to build up my platform to reach more clients and help more people.  That’s where I began the online venture of helping clients across the world with their training and diet. Allowing me to become an international coach which has been so awesome and fulfilling!

 JC: You train in a variety of ways, from kickboxing to boxing and heavy lifting. Why is it essential t,o you to switch things up?

WJ: The reason why I like to train with different methodologies is partly because of my ADD and partly because I want to get better conditioning that way! Switching it up a little bit more adds variety in my program. Also, stuff like kickboxing helps with anger management LOL.

 JC: As a child, did you play any sports?

 WJ: I did not play any sports as a kid, but… I did try! I was horrible and uncoordinated at most team sports and even activities like dance and choreography. Everything I tried I would pretty much fail at, which was frustrating because I had a lot of pent up athletic energy, but I lacked some sort of hand-eye coordination. That’s when I started lifting weights at age 15 with my dad. I found that I could master that, and I got obsessed with it, I was hooked ever since.

Whitney Johns

 JC:  With all the “fake”  on social media in terms of the fitness industry, why is it important to you to always be raw and real?

 WJ: Personally, when I witness “fake” on social media, it makes me cringe deep down to my core. So, I try not to be that for other people, LOL. I always admire those people who have the courage to be raw and real themselves, so I do my best to embody those traits as well. 

 JC: If you could get rid of one thing in the industry, what would it be, and why?

 WJ: All the protein farts at Fitness events and Expos LOL!! Obviously, I am kidding!

I would love to get rid of people who are promising quick fixes and gimmicky things to lose weight for the short term. Those quick fixes end up wreaking havoc on your overall health. I take more of a holistic approach to getting results for my clients, which include a real emphasis on gut health, mental health, healthy mindset, and hormone health. If those things aren’t in check, then it doesn’t matter how fit you are, your mind is eventually going to fall apart. What good would a fit body do in that case?

 JC: How do you decide who to partner up with?

 WJ: When I partner up with a sponsorship or a company, I always want to make sure these are real products I would use and would approve of and that they don’t conflict with my overall message of holistic wellness in addition to fitness. I only work with companies that have the highest quality ingredients, not a lot of stuff that would go against gut health. I would never want to partner up with a company that promotes an unhealthy mindset or a company that promotes an unrealistic image for girls to compare themselves with.  

 JC: You stay BUSY! What is a typical week for you?

 WJ: A typical week for me is training a few clients five days a week in the trenches 1-1 in person at a private training gym in West Hollywood. In addition to that, I manage over 50 clients internationally that use my diet and work out plans that are adjusted weekly based on weigh-ins, pictures, and macro-based diet plans. I also typically shoot once or twice a week, either content or fitness modeling work. I train myself at least six times a week, whether it be boxing, weights, HIIT interval training. I also spend a lot of time working with my social media sponsorships, fulfilling my obligations and responsibilities for that creating content, shooting various video content. In addition to training clients, I also teach live online workout classes through Plankk Studio a couple of times a week that streams live on their website. On top of all of that, I spend a lot of time marketing my programs and app. My app currently has hundreds of subscribers that I try to keep up with within the app community. I do try to have a life in between all of that, so I try to spend time with my boyfriend and sometimes get some traveling in. That’s one of the reasons I don’t go out much! Typically, when I’m in town, I like to get caught up on work. Dinners or something more lowkey is more my speed if I am not traveling.

JC: What do you enjoy most about traveling?

 WJ: I think the people watching! Lol, I am such a people watcher, and it’s so fun to watch people that come from different places, different cultures, and different ideologies and different mannerisms. I always like to make up different stories about the people in my head about where they come from, what their backstories are, and what they are talking about.  Traveling also allows you to be subjected to magical things more often, or at least they seem more magical when it’s the first time seeing them. Traveling just makes life feel more magical and all. 

 JC:   If you weren’t doing what you do now, what career path would you be on?

WJ: I would probably be doing something in sales and marketing working for some company. I was always really good at that, and it’s what I studied, but I would probably be hating my life because, for some reason, office jobs suck the f*cking life out of me! 

 JC: Who inspires and motivates you, and why? 

WJ: My clients inspire and motivate me so much, and maybe that’s just because I see their day to day struggle, and I see their battles that they are overcoming. When they are at the beginning of working through their process and begin to apply all of their character traits and strength that they have, it motivates me. If my clients aren’t going to give up, then I won’t give up on my journey where I am at today. So seeing my clients fight that fight inspires me to continue fighting mine. 

 Bonus Questions:

 JC: Gym gear or dressing up?

 WJ: 100% gym gear! If I could live in spandex and sports bras, all day, EVERYDAY, I would! Getting dressed to go out anywhere else where that gym attire isn’t appropriate is the most stressful thing for me LOL

 JC: One thing about Idaho people would be surprised to know?

 WJ: Idaho is just this wonderful secret haven of beautiful people. I don’t know if it’s something in the water or the fact that there is less stress there. But there are so many attractive people in Idaho! 

 JC: Who IS Whitney Johns?

 WJ: I think the biggest thing about me is that I am one of the goofiest people you’ll ever meet! Sometimes on my social media, I have a bad habit of having a consistent resting b*tch face, but really, I’m like always cracking up, always joking, always laughing, and always being goofy. 

 JC:  Cheat day food of choice is_______?

WJ: A big fat honkin’ burger, with all the toppings. I also love macaroni and cheese and always will… till the day I die, ha-ha. I also love really good Italian food and donuts for sure! 

With all the projects she has going on, can’t thank Whitney enough for squeezing in some time to chat with us here at NBS. To see where she travels to next and new fun workout, she is attacking follow her on all her social media platforms and website if you are looking for a great trainer.
Instagram: @whitneyjohns

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